Roddy Piper Reveals Secret About Pat Patterson (Video), Best Of WWE HOF Note

Posted by Matt Boone April 22, 2014 5 Comments

- As noted, WWE will debut their new “Best Of WWE Hall Of Fame” special on the WWE Network tonight. The Miami Herald out of Florida covered the new show in an article on their official website today, which you can check out at

– In the latest “Timeline: History of WWE – 1984 – Roddy Piper” video from Kayfabe Commentaries, which is excellent, by the way, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper reveals a secret he has kept for years about WWE executive Pat Patterson. You can check out a preview of the new video below, with the Piper secret discussion coming in at around the 5:20 mark.

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    • yoyo

      There have been rumors about Pat Patterson using his authority for “favors” going back years. He was also sued for sexual harassment by a male ring announcer…

    • patrickthebrain

      did he just say pat patterson tried to fuck him

    • poopfairy

      He paid Virgil to take a shot on his chest and he liked him clean before ducking him. Btw Virgil had a huge clock he loved to take and sick

    • poopfairy

      Damn auto correct. He had Virgil take a SHIT on his chest and then he would lick his asshole clean before fucking him. Btw Virgil has a huge black cock. Patterson loved to such it and take all 12 inches up the ass.

    • poopfairy

      Vinny Mac used to fuck Warrior and Hogan. He made Hillbilly Jim squeal like a pig

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