Roddy Piper Talks About Bruno Sammartino’s WWE Hall of Fame Induction

Posted by Matt Boone February 8, 2013 2 Comments

- WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper recently spoke with about Bruno Sammartino’s 2013 WWE Hall of Fame induction. Here are some quotes:

“I don’t think there’s a Hall of Fame good enough for him. He outranks me. He is what a professional wrestler should be. He’s a man’s man. We get along great, and always have.”

“He’s a complete natural and an incredible human being.”

“I can’t give him enough accolades.”

The full article is available at where Piper also tells about how, in the fall of 1985, he invited Sammartino to be a guest on a live, in-ring edition of Piper’s Pit at Madison Square Garden.

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    • larman

      I’m glad that bruno has made it, finally the greatest wrestler ever is where he belongs. What i don’t get is that alot of the wrestlers hate vince for really stuid reasons, he made he’s dad company into the big one and made wrestlers to reach fame and yet they still bite the man who feed them. vince just wants his company to always be the top dog, just like any other company working from yesterday to tomorrow. What’s wrong with that. Hogan you kill me cause in your recent interview you talked about how tha should be and the direction, yet you only mention wrestlers from when you were in wwwf, wwf,wwe. Nothing about anybody else, but yet you still mock vince and the wwe because they want to be no.1 either you do what vince wants or get out, it’s still his company and yes he makes the decisions, you tell me he still makes champs just like you hogan, jeff hardy, kurt angle etc. Say what u think, but vince does right for the company, That’s what makes me be a fan of that and always will, But bruno to me you are the man and always will be the greatest wwe champion ever.

    • larman


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