Ron Simmons Speaks On Mae Young’s Death, Atlanta Wrestling Fans

Posted by Matt Boone February 5, 2014 0 Comment reader Neal Jones sent along the following:

Recap of on In Your Head Wrestling Radio
by Vic Schiavone

Host Jack E. Jones welcomed WWE Hall-of-Famer Ron Simmons to IYH Wrestling Radio

Highlights included the following:

How do wrestling fans in Atlanta stand out from fans in other parts of the country?: “Well, I think that they’ve got a little bit of background and history, because you had Georgia Championship Wrestling, you had NWA, WCW…there are a lot of roots in professional wrestling here. It goes way back, and believe me, you are talking about excited fans; I mean hardcore, wrestling fans, who know their history of it, know the origins of it, know the guys and the different generations of the wrestlers. The South is really a wrestling haven for people that have grown up in the business and in particular Atlanta.”

passed away recently; do you have any memories of her you would like to share?: “The only thing I can say about Mae Young is that it was just an honor to have been around her for the many years that I had the privilege of seeing her even in action and being around her. She was just a great woman; always cheerful, always had something uplifting to tell you. Along with (The Fabulous) Moolah, her partner, when you saw one of them you might as well had seen them both because they were very much alike, and they were fantastic women as well as great wrestlers period. I don’t want to say just for being a woman, I mean period; as tough as they come, and she will surely be missed. God bless her.”

Other topics discussed included:
·What were his thoughts on Ole Anderson and what was it like being in the ring with him?
·What was it like wrestling with Butch Reed in the tag team Doom?
·What is his favorite horror movie?

Ron will be appearing in Atlanta on February 7-9 at Days of the Dead for Sinners and Saints Tattoo. For further information, go to and

You can check out the complete Ron Simmons interview below.