Ronda Rousey Has Baby Fever, Says Nia Jax’s Challenge Will Backfire

Above is new video of TMZ Sports catching up with Ronda Rousey in New York City.

Regarding her match with RAW Women’s Champion Nia Jax at the June 17th WWE Money In the Bank pay-per-view, Rousey says Nia’s challenge is going to backfire on her.

“I’m over the moon about it. I really wasn’t expecting it, especially this soon,” Rousey revealed. “I’ve only had one match. I guess it’s a good strategy on Nia’s part, to try and get me early before I get a lot of experience but I think it’s going to backfire on her. I think everyone who’s watching Money In the Bank will be greatly entertained, regardless.”

Rousey was also asked about having baby fever. Rousey first started talking about wanting to have children with husband Travis Browne back in 2016 and she stated that they want to start having kids soon while conducting WrestleMania 34 media interviews back in March.

“Soon, some day. Some day soon but I don’t know yet,” Rousey said when asked by TMZ.