Rumor: Backstage Heat On The Rock, Rock Comments

Posted by Brad Davis February 24, 2012 Comments are off

There’s a big rumor making it’s way around the internet right now that there is major backstage heat on from the WWE locker room. While some websites are reporting this as fact, we’d like to stress that this is still a rumor right now. The rumor goes that wrestlers are pissed is coming back for a huge WrestleMania payday, and is only elevating himself while at the same time taking away a valuable spot on the ‘Mania card from a full-time wrestler.

According to the rumor, there are “more than a few” key people in WWE who are disgruntled about The Rock having such a prominent spot at WrestleMania while not being completely committed to pro wrestling.

A fan sent The Rock a message on Twitter regarding the rumor, asking:

[email protected] – haters claim ur keeping them from wrestling @ Mania & they cant get over. Y couldnt they get over when u were gone?”

The Rock responded with the following message, which may be confirmation of the rumor, or just that he’s heard of it:

β€œThe ones who are complaining are the ones who will never get over anyway, Too busy complaining.”

The argument could be made that The Rock wrestling at the PPV will bring in so much revenue that it will elevate the paydays of everyone on the card.

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