Rumor on the Third WWE Superstar to Fail a Recent Wellness Test

Posted by Matt Boone June 16, 2012 5 Comments

- It was reported a few weeks back that three WWE Superstars had failed WWE Wellness tests this year. One was Randy Orton, who has been suspended for 60 days. The other was reported by SuperLuchas Magazine to be Cody Rhodes. Rhodes appeared to be taking time off but word came out that he wasn’t suspended because he provided a valid prescription for the drug he was taking.

Take this as a rumor until it’s confirmed by another source but SuperLuchas now reports the third WWE Superstar to fail the Wellness Policy was Ezekiel Jackson.

Jackson reportedly tested positive for high levels of synthetic testosterone. Jackson reportedly provided a legal prescription and was not suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Policy. Again, take this as a rumor until confirmed by another source.

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    • josh

      Obvious juicer. Droopy breasts on a muscular guy… Tell tale sign, along with back acne and distended stomach

      • kindred1313

        how does distended stomach say hes on the Juice(Not saying hes not)?

    • Ice

      Damn, WWE should be a lil more updated in their data books, So if they believe the superstar fails the drug & wellness policy, then they should already know if they’re prescribed or not.

    • mark henry

      I got more synthetic testosterone in my pinky than this fool Zeke has in his whole body. Legal prescriptions is for pansies like John Cena, all my synthetic testosterone is done under the table.

    • GhostDistortion

      @4wrestling seems to report a lot of stories they find on super luchas. So does everyone at 24 just read Spanish language websites and copy and paste the articles to this one?

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