Rumored Match For Monday’s WWE RAW, More On Stacy Keibler’s Wedding

Posted by Matt Boone March 9, 2014 5 Comments

- WWE recently hinted at a potential rematch between Sheamus and Christian for Monday’s RAW.

– As previously reported, former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler got married this past Saturday night. The news was revealed by, and it was noted that in the new edition of People Magazine, which comes out on Friday, there will be exclusive wedding photos in the issue.

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    • WTFwwe

      Sheamus and Christian rematch…Not again. Both are boring to watch and them two do nothing to draw me in to their matches. I’d rather watch Disco Inferno in a no DQ match against the Kiss demon.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny asks when was the last time Christian had charisma or peeps?

    • Matt Rayfield

      Well Christian vs Sheamus is better then Randy Orton vs Cena 999 Trillion. Also whoever runs this site needs to fix their Index page. I am using Internet Explorer 11 and it is telling me that I am using Internet Explorer 6 and I know I am not.

      • SJ

        John Cena vs. Randy Orton is able to be excellent and fantastic as far as matches they used to do against one another are concerned. That was definitely the case in the past—back around 2008-2009 and even after that!!!
        But now what objectionably and hellaciously sucks worse than awful is John Cena’s now saying he’s “injured” but he’s still going to wrestle. Which makes no sense at all. Injured or not, having John Cena doing that or going along with something such as an injury angle is completely f**kin’ extremely stupid, boring, uninteresting, no fun, dull and absolutely pathetic! It’s out of character and is his attempt at using an idea that doesn’t fit his character nor belong to his character, neither does it suit him at all. Him doing that type of angle is also: Insulting, Wrong and Annoying!
        Whatever John Cena does, I would want him to wait until he’s fully recovered so that I can be sure he’s at his best because when Randy Keith Orton and John Cena are fully recovered and at their best….then they can feud and it’ll be right. Because I can tell that neither of them are at their best right now so having them feud isn’t the right thing to do. Nor is it fair. That should not be tolerated at all.
        Also, if they aren’t feeling their best and aren’t at their best then they will not be able to put on great matches. Like they were doing previously. Which is why I would post pone them doing matches against each other right now. Because I can tell by how Randy Orton looks appearance-wise and how John Cena looks appearance-wise and other factors that are definite indications to me that it just isn’t the right or the opprotune, nor the appropriate time for either of them to feud against each other.
        Randy Orton’s not allowed to have the right look and he isn’t allowed to have anyone who likes him or who’d feel protective of him and want to stand up for him and defend him jump rails or barricades at a pro wrestling show and go after his opponnent that he’s facing against in matches or whatever…..because the person cares about him but is feeling hurt that he is being pressured to have facial hair to change his appearance which used to be extremely handsome, adoreable, fascinating, cool and fantastic!!! Not anymore. That atrociously sucks, is wrong and isn’t right, good, fair, appropriate, cool, nor appealing for him to do!
        Him being like that and looking that way is totally objectionable, wrong, no-good, negative, and irresponsible!
        I would appreciate the hell out of it if both John Cena and Randy Orton did rekindle their feud and/or Batista feuds against Randy Orton….but this time……the catch is, they all have to do things my way. Why would I ask this of them??
        Because although they may not exactly need to do this…..I may REALLY, REALLY need them to do things how I’m asking them to. So that I can feel that I paid John Cena back for bad things he’s done to myself and Randy Orton. As well as so I can feel I paid Batista for bad things he’s said and done to Randy that I may not have rightfully defended Randy Orton or stood up for him when it was appropriate but I was unaware of it being the case at that time.
        Also, to say that Randy Orton vs. Batista and vs, John Cena aren’t good matches….let’s examine why the matches may have not been that good in the past. I’d say it was because of the fact that Randy wasn’t allowed to fight back in matches aggressively when John Cena, or Batista had antagonized him and insulted him, or treated him poorly. Randy not being allowed to assert himself or tell John Cena, Batista or whoever his opponnent was…. to stop or have Randy Orton put John Cena and Batista…get taken down by Randy Keith Orton in matches and when they diss him or accuse him of bad things or diss him he fights back and shows them that if they push him too far he’ll kick their asses and will hit back hard for treating him that way.
        John Cena and Batista have verbally antagonized Randy Orton and put him down. They have also disrespected him, nor have they gotten into trouble for doing so.
        Then again…they both think no fan should be allowed to fight against them physically at a show regardless of where the person’s sitting….and not be allowed to climb over the rails and either get up in their faces or stand up for and defend Randy Orton. Like say they say something mean or disrespectful….and a fan gets mad that they said something unkind or mean or insulting to Randy and the person tells Batista or John Cena that for saying that to Randy, they just said the same thing to the fan. That they just said about Randy Orton. So the fan tells them that if they think they want to be badass or whatever, then how about they accept the fan’s challenge to a tag team match of:
        Randy Orton and a fan vs. Batista and John Cena
        Who wins that??
        I’d have Randy Orton and the fan win vs. Batista and John Cena.

        • Zab

          Orton being a heel fucking sucks right now. John Cena being a face right now sucks too.
          You know what I’d like to see? I want to have someone get into WWE and beat and defeat John Cena. I don’t care if the person’s got a dog or something…fine. Just step into the ring and physically fght against John Cena the way you’d want Randy Orton to fight against John Cena…..except for the fact that Randy doesn’t have a dog or anything and Randy simply just hasn’t been allowed to do much of anything like he’s fucking supposed to do!!!
          Randy Orton not being clean – shaven proves that he’s a heel and John Cena is also a heel… but maybe for now they’re both supposed to behave like and be bad guys and stuff and do things that aren’t right because of the extremely corrupted, wrongful, biased, unethical, pathetic, untrue, inaccurate role playing that they are now doing and have been manipulated into having to do, be like and portray, Fucking stupid garbage nonsensical unfair, unjust fucking crap!!!
          *physically jumps rail and barricade at pro wrestling show or pay-per-view and jumps into ring and physically attacks John Cena and or any other WWE Superstar for hurting, offending, and for injuring fans*
          I didn’t want it to end up being like this or going this way….but this is what happens when WWE Superstars refuse to be heros and good guys.

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