Rumors About Another Top TNA Knockout Possibly Leaving The Company Soon

Posted by Matt Boone August 24, 2014 8 Comments

In addition to ODB, who parted ways with TNA earlier this week, another TNA Knockout may soon follow.

With TNA’s future uncertain, Velvet Sky has begun distancing herself from the promotion. Most recently, Sky changed her Twitter bio, removing all mentions of TNA and/or Impact Wrestling, which used to be part of her bio in the past.

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    • Mr. X

      Distancing herself? So she’d rather have her wrestling resume say something like I spent 7ish years wrestling for just some company whose name isn’t important, then saying I spent 7ish years wrestling in front of millions on TV and ppv? I’m just saying I know TNA is having financial problems but its not like we’re just gonna forget where we know her from.

    • chrissi calvert

      Wouldnt surprise me 2bh. Ever since Angelina came back, Velvets been out of the spotlight and with her boyfriend, Bully Ray leaving it makes sense

      • ZED87

        Bully Ray?????? ROFL. She is dating Chris Sabin who left earlier this year and I had been expecting her departure ever since Sabin left.

        • Darnell Massaline Lincoln

          Google’s your friend bro; she’s dating Bully Ray.

        • Actually Knows How to Read

          You’re a moron. Maybe being a smark doesn’t give you the answers. Bully appeared on Opie and Anthony and said it flat out.

        • chrissi calvert

          She & Sabin broke up ages ago. Bullys said it live on national radio. They are dating

    • former tna fan

      smart lady. tna’s working on fumes at this point. be ironic to see her end up in roh.

    • TheNick

      Any chances of her ending up at WWE?

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