Rusev & Lana Dating In Real Life, WWE To Give Wrestlers Time Off Regularly?

Posted by Matt Boone May 7, 2014 9 Comments

- For those unaware, Alexander Rusev, who as previously reported will be going by just “Rusev” from now on, is actually dating his manager Lana in real life.

– WWE has been discussing the idea of giving wrestlers time off to recharge and heal up as a strategy for down the line. There is some trepidation on the part of some, with the feeling that it would make running split-crew live events harder with a depleted roster.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • xFoxylicious #Foxsana

      Rusev tho? Um ew.

    • D

      Another one-name guy?

      • a

        well yeah kids cant remember two names because they are too f*ckin dumb

    • Mr. X

      Rusev and Lana remind me of way back when Essay Rios debuted in WWE along with a female valet named Lita. She went on to greatness, he went back to Mexico. Pretty sure that’s how this story ends if he keeps up his boring matches and only stop fast forwardingy DVR just to hear Lana talk.

      • Mr. X again

        Well I meant that I only stop fast forwarding my DVR to hear her talk.

        • mark henry troll

          that’s what I do

    • Lana’sDirtyMind

      Now I get why she does that cupping gesture when she tells him to “crush.” She’s pretending it’s his scrotum lol

      • AN

        you mean barking orders

    • Nattie _ fan

      Ewww. Lana and Rusev are dating in real life? thats akward

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