RVD Explains Why He Likes Working For TNA More Than WWE

TNA’s Rob Van Dam recently talked to the UK Sun’s SunSport blog this week and had a lot to say about what led him to join TNA, the differences between TNA and WWE and whether he’d ever return to WWE. Here are the highlights of what RVD said about:

Liking TNA More Than WWE: “Man, I love TNA! It’s a wonderful place to work. Something WWE never let me do were acting jobs, they turned them down for me. But now I’ m in a situation where I can do these things. WWE just didn’t see the potential of these opportunities and they really ruined my chances back then. I was in some very good places and they just blew it for me, by refusing point blank to negotiate anything. Whereas Dixie Carter lets us explore our possibilities and gives us that chance. Her philosophy is that our extended profile helps TNA enhance its own, and of course it does.”

What Led Him To Join TNA: “When my contract ended with the WWE, TNA tried to get me straight away but I said no. They had big plans for me, it seemed, and a spot in the Main Event Mafia was brought up. But I’m not, and never have been, one for sharing the spotlight. I prefer to be the star and in the limelight by myself.

“Plus WWE had really burned me out. My contract stated I’d be given breaks and they never gave them to me. They did that constantly and they probably wrecked the chances of many guys going back by treating the talent that way.”

“Eric Bischoff called me, Dixie Carter called me, even Jason Hervey picked up the phone. But I said to myself that they were not serious because Hogan hadn’t called yet. Then he did, I was doing my radio show and Hogan called in. The guy spent a half hour explaining on the air why I should join him in TNA. That was what got me here.”

The Possibility of Returning To WWE: “Dixie is a real people person, she is what fuels TNA, we all feed of her enthusiasm for the company. She wants first hand connection with our fans. It’s so different to how Vince McMahon runs his company. At this stage of my career they take so much better care of me, than the WWE ever did at any point. I’d go as far as to say I mean more to TNA than I ever did in WWE.

Fair play to anyone who does go back but, you know, I was so burned out and had so much trouble in my last year there that I just wanted away from that scenario. I couldn’t enjoy going out to the ring and doing my thing, it was killing me. My contract ended and I wanted out, they offered me a new one and I said no. I’m so happy being able to have the freedom at last to juggle my other projects and still go out each night and be the whole FN show.”

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