RVD Reveals When His Contract Expires – What Will He Do Then?

Posted by Matt Boone October 7, 2012 13 Comments

- TNA wrestler Rob Van Dam recently appeared on Joe McDonnell Uncensored and confirmed that his TNA contract expires in March 2013. RVD talked about his future:

“I walked away from every wrestling company I’ve ever worked for, except for one. When I first started out, the first territory I did in the summer of ’91 was USWA. It was the Jarretts’. So when my contract runs out with TNA, who even knows if Jeff is one of the bosses anymore, it’s so confusing. But if he is and it’s their decision, if they say, ‘Thanks, we enjoyed it’ and we walk off, it’ll be like the only two times in my career (that’s happened). Every other time meaning WWE twice, ECW, WCW, All Japan, everywhere – I’ve always been like, ‘All right I’ve had enough.’ I felt like I knew when it was time to go. I never had any regrets.”

“Right now this could actually be my last gig, I don’t know. When my deal’s up (in March), I don’t even know what I want. People are asking, ‘Oh, are you going to WWE?’ I honestly don’t know what I want to happen. I’m more of go with the flow, let’s see what happens. Anyway, it’s possible that when it’s up that I could maybe not even sign another full-time deal, who knows. It’s possible, which would make this my last full-time gig.”

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    • Undertaker316

      he should return to wwe

    • 40 dawg

      2 reasons why rvd won’t go back to wwe. 1- the travel schedule and 2- the wellness policy wwe has, rvd is a major pothead. If he still wants to wrestle he’d probably stay in tna or wrestle indy events( so he can wrestle when he wants to ). And it’s funny the same people who give/gave tna sh-t for signing all this wwe talent is now saying wwe should sign all this tna talent, what’s up with that?

      • iNexus

        Because there’s a difference. Most of the time, WWE stars who go to TNA are already established. When they go to TNA, the spotlight is on them. EVERYONE knows them. When you watch TNA now, it’s pretty much watching RAW from 5 years ago. It’s mostly people from WWE.

        When TNA stars go to WWE, they usually start from the bottom of the food chain. The fans don’t know them, only a selected few does. WWE is a bigger platform for them, which also means it’s a big opportunity. So in a way, when a TNA wrestler signs with WWE, it is perceived as a good thing since that person is given a chance to be known and be successful.

        RVD won’t go back to WWE. He doesn’t need WWE, and quite honestly, WWE doesn’t need him. This is my beef with veteran wrestlers today. Just because they’ve done it all, they think that they shouldn’t be travelling as often anymore, they think that they shouldn’t go along with the drug policy. It’s BS.

        • 40 dawg

          So like bryan danielson wasn’t “established” before he came to wwe? Like kharma, who was from tna wasn’t established before she came to wwe? The only reason why tna talent don’t jump right to the main event status ( spotlight ) is because vince mcmahon thinks his talent is more superior than what they actually are. ALMOST every wrestler/diva wwe trains has the same move set/ring mannerisms. So cut the BS excuses and admit your a wwe homer
          and that you would probably say negative things about tna EVEN if tna cured cancer. As for you saying wwe doesn’t need rvd blah, blah, blah most wrestlers don’t want the travel schedule cuz they wanna spend time with their families and I’m pretty sure noone except cena is above the wellness policy.

          • iNexus

            Funny thing is, I can say the same thing about you. So cut the BS excuses and admit that you’re a TNA homer and that you would probably say negative things about WWE even if it cured cancer.

            And please, you know what I meant when I said established. Daniel Bryan was established in the indies, but people who only watch wrestling on TV have no idea who he is. Kharma was established in TNA but the majority of WWE audience doesn’t know who she is.

            I never said anything negative about TNA, I just pointed out a good point. Maybe you’re right, Vince probably doesn’t like talents he didn’t create. But again, you have guys like Danielson and CM Punk in the main event scene. Wanting to spend time with family is understandable, but wrestlers signed up for a life on the road. If TNA gets any bigger, their schedule will be no different than WWE’s. You can’t be a successful wrestler if you only want to compete close to home.

            • 40 dawg

              Dude if you read my posts I say positive things about wwe, like the tag match on the debut of main event was one of the best matches I’ve seen this year. And dolph ziggler is gonna be the next best thing. But I call out the negatives to, and there’s been a sh-tload, same with tna, cuz I’m a wrestling fan, not just a wwe or tna fan. Hell if I could get roh i’d watch that and say f-ck wwe and tna. And noone had any idea who kharma or danielson was?, dude they where the most hyped and anticipated debuts in wwe history, so I guess you where the only one that didn’t know of them.

            • iNexus

              I don’t think you understand. I said “people who only watch wrestling on TV” for a reason. Everyone on the internet who goes to dirt sheets knows who Daniel Bryan and Kharma is. I knew who they were. Correction, they were the most hyped and anticipated debuts in WWE history….on the internet. WWE’s general audience, Lil Jimmy and their dads and everyone else who don’t go to the dirt sheets didn’t go home one day and talked about how excited they were for Bryan Danielson to debut on NXT. I don’t know how else I can explain this to you. Not everyone have knowledge about every wrestlers’ indie past.

            • 40 dawg

              Now your just speculating. How do you know what the fans know? And fans don’t have to go to dirt sheets to find out about indie wrestlers, there’s this thing called youtube where they can watch matches to get to know unknown wrestlers. Or they can go to a local anything to watch indy wrestling to get to know unknown talent it’s not like wwe and tna are fans only choices.bottom line your underestimating what wrestling fans know and are just speculating about what YOU think the fans know.

            • LBlock18

              40 Dawg on a good day you can catch ROH matches on youtube or I think it’s called daily motion, I always watch CMLL on saturday’s (not that you asked me)

            • billie pence

              even if i could get roh i would never stop watching wwe or tna i watch wwe one monday and tna on thursday and smackdown on friday

            • 40 dawg

              Well sounds like your like me, a true wrestling fan. That’s cool. But what I was trying to say is tna and wwe is totally crap now cuz they wanna focus more on the entertainment part than the wrestling. From what I have seen from roh they focus more on WRESTLING which any wrestling show should do. Plus roh has steve corino, I’ve been a fan of his since the original ecw. Plus some peole I know say they watch wrestling, even if it’s crap just by habit. Sometimes it’s good to break bad habits.

          • LBlock18

            40 Dawg you speak the truth I used to love WWF but then it fell off once Vince forgot he owns a wrestling company, to many people are blinded by Vince’s my company’s wrestlers are the greatest, he has some great talent but um yeah Awesome Kong (Kharma), Bryan Danielson (for people who never watched ROH Daniel Bryan) and iNexus are you seriously going to say that AJ Soma Joe and Austin Aries and Christopher Daniels aren’t established? WWE lovers make me sick

      • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.bennett.581 Christopher Bennett

        @2d177738a8d56c7414dc075b05129a97:disqus actually WWE wellness doesn’t cover Mary Jane for some reason, but will bring the hammer down on synthetic Mary Jane. It’s actually been covered by othe wrestling news sites as being hypocritical. That’s how RVD had such a decent run in WWE.

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