Ryback Blames WWE.com For “Goldberg” Chants, Thinks He’ll Wrestle Him In WWE

Posted by Matt Boone September 29, 2013 4 Comments

The following are highlights from a recent WWE 2K14 promotional interview with WWE Superstar Ryback:

On why WWE.com is to blame for the constant “Goldberg” chants he receives: “When I first started with WWE, I did not get that [Goldberg chants] right away. But then the WWE.com website actually posted an article – because people that run the website aren’t necessarily the ones at TV – and they wrote that I channeled Bill Goldberg before my matches, which is completely false. So whatever creative genius did that… a bunch of people read that article on the .COM, and the chants started a week after because of that brilliant article that was posted.”

On his feeling that he’ll eventually have a match with Goldberg in WWE: “It’s something that never bothers me, but I’m a man of my own identity and eventually the people that keep chanting it, they’re going to make me a ton of money because I’m going to have to beat him eventually. We’ll get him back and I’ll beat him.”

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    • Undertaker316

      im sure the goldberg chants had nothing to do with his winning streak when he first debut

    • WrestlingHub

      The pop that Goldberg will get when he attacks Ryback during a match or something lol.

    • The Peoples Champ

      Bringing back Goldberg will destroy Rybacks career. I don’t see Goldberg signing a deal to lose to Ryback for one, and two if some miraculous way he does, Rybacks fan base, if there is one, will implode. People see Rybacks physique and see Goldberg but the truth is Ryback is barely 6′ tall. Goldberg is at least 6’4”. Bodybuilder who wrestles proffestionally vs. Natural athlete who was a professional wrestler. The Goldberg comparison or lack there of is hilarious.

    • rkriishnamohan

      go home pussy u want some nice ass kicking by goldberg better stay away from goldberg he is the real deal ur good for nothing motherfucker………..

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