Ryback Comments on Facing The Rock, The Shield Interferes, Tensai

Posted by Matt Boone December 1, 2012 5 Comments

- Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns – The Shield – attacked Ryback once again at last night’s RAW live event in Asheville, North Carolina. Ryback was facing CM Punk in the main event when The Shield stopped Shell Shocked and caused the DQ.

After the match, Ryback fought The Shield off when Kane and Daniel Bryan ran out to help. Punk tried to attack Ryback from behind but got his mouth busted open and caught Shell Shocked to end it. Ryback closed the show by cutting a promo and saying he would win the WWE Title at TLC. He added that when The Rock asks at the Royal Rumble if Ryback smells what The Rock is cooking, he’s going to respond with a, “Feed Me More!”

– At last night’s event in Asheville, Tensai lost to Santino Marella. Instead of usually being announced from Japan, Tensai was billed from Parts Unknown. We noted earlier that Tensai’s former assistant Sakamoto has been sent back to developmental.

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    • shane-o-mac

      It doesn’t matter who the rock faces. He’ll whoop their candy ass all over the arena, win the wwe championship and shine it up really nice turn that son of a bitch sideways and stick it up punk or rybacks candy ass. IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK iS COOKING!!!!!!

      • shane-o-mac

        P.S. – I want the Rock’s Samoan sausage. ;)

    • Ryback’s Mom

      Rybacks Sucks

    • really ?

      So that’s how it goes here, you don’t like what someone says so you copy the post name of the person you disagree with and say stupid shit? IMMATURE and JUVENILE. Fuck this I’m going to ewrestlingnews.com where the mature grown ups talk and don’t resort to the childish bullshit that goes on here.

      • 40 dawg

        You and Lance Storm would get along really well. He also has no sense of humour! Ahahahahahahaha

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