Ryback Cuts Promo On Goldberg, Kingston’s New Look, SSlam Celebs

Posted by Matt Boone August 6, 2013 8 Comments

-The official WWE website has a new gallery up showcasing celebrities who have appeared, or been involved in, past WWE SummerSlam pay-per-views. The gallery includes Leslie Nielson, Walter Payton, Arsenio Hall, Pierce Morgan and Tito Ortiz. You can check out the gallery online at WWE.com.

-As noted previously, WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston returned on RAW on Monday night. Following Kingston’s RAW return, which was a successful one as he defeated Fandango in his first match back, he spoke with WWE.com. Kingston talked about how he’s never felt better since returning from injury, and showed off his new ring gear. Kingston noted he has the new ring gear because he wants to stay innovative and fresh. You can check out that video online at WWE.com.

-WWE Superstar Ryback recently addressed the “Goldberg” chants he receives from fans at WWE live events during the recent tour of Australia. Below is a video of Ryback cutting a promo on the fans:

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    • TightASS o Neil

      Gotta say : “Ryback Rulez” is probably the dumbest catch phrase in all of wrestling.. even Sid’s “Master and the Ruler of the World” was at least delivered with a psychotic meter. Ryback sounds like a 6th Grader after smacking a book out of a nerd’s hands. Hurra Hurra Hurra

      • Knock

        Oh stop hating…Go Watch TNA

        • Mr No Gays Off

          fuck you punk ass bitch… you begin a sentence with ‘oh” .. fag

    • Ice

      If they’re impress with Kofi’s return then how about pushing him to up to the world title reigns. He can wrestle, fly, speak, etc…

      • kdog

        I’d like to see this, but I wish they would have Kofi turn heel first.

    • charles

      nobody cares about kofi

    • P.P. Johnny

      If P.P. Johnny were still GM, he’d form a tag team of Ryback and Brock Lesner & call them the “Neanderthals.” Their gimmick would be that they never talked, just grunted & Kevin Sullivan would be brought back to be their manager & mouthpiece.

    • bradnWoREVOLUTION


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