Ryback Hates The Internet, New Foley Documentary, New HBK WrestleMania DVD

Posted by Matt Boone October 13, 2013 10 Comments

-As previously reported, WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley will have WWE cameras present at his comedy show in Long Island, New York on November 17th. Apparently, the footage WWE is shooting is for a new documentary that is scheduled to be released in 2014. Foley noted on Twitter that in addition to the November 17th show, his show in New York on November 3rd will also have cameras present to film footage for the documentary.

-WWE is working on a new “Shawn Michaels WrestleMania Matches” DVD and Blu-ray set, which is reportedly scheduled for a WWE release in either February or March of 2014. According to HBK’s official Twitter account, he shot interviews for the DVD-set while he was in town for WWE RAW last Monday night.

-The following is a new interview with WWE Superstar Ryback. In the interview, Ryback speaks to members of the Abu Dhabi media, including comments about how he feels working with Paul Heyman in WWE is going to take him to the next level. He also talks about how he dislikes the internet.

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    • probb

      i agree with every thing he just said the goldberg comparisons piss me off anybody who says this guy is like goldberg never watched the monday night wars

    • JMC

      Ryback hates the Internet? That’s funny, because the internet isn’t too fond of him either……

    • Evan Lygeros

      Yeah, i agree with him too about the internet. The internet is like New York. It attracts the best people and the absolute worst people. It’s just way too easy to be taken away by the momentum of someones opinion.

      Best thing I did for my love of wrestling was completely stop reading wrestling dirt. Amazing how much it had tarnished my love and fun for the sport.

      • Fatuglynerd (your mum)

        Why are you here

        • Evan Lygeros’s Mother

          IMPOSTER STOP PRETENDING TO BE ME! Evan it’s time to lick my wrinkly wart infested pussy, it’s extra sweaty just for you

    • troll

      He hates the internet because he had to keep resetting his twitter account

    • Paul

      Don’t worry RyCrap, we hate you too!!

    • shameronstar

      Damn, he shaded the hell out of the iwc! Than again if more than 80% to 90% of the people on the internet talked crap about me all the time I’d probably would be a little hostile too:P

    • shameronstar

      WM 30 – Ryback vs IWC

      Book It!

    • Bobby Higgins

      i dont care ryback does not like internet because he is a punk

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