Santino Marella Speaks On A Potential WWE Return, Wanting To Win WWE Title

Posted by Matt Boone August 14, 2014 8 Comments

The following are highlights of a new Chill Magazine interview with Santino Marella:

Having two procedures called rhizotomies: “There’s multiple things wrong with my neck. I had some success with that, but the stenosis has increased to the point where it has to be fixed. I’m not cleared for physical contact due to the severity of my stenosis, but apparently with a double fusion you actually can return to the ring with four to six months of recovery time.”

Making a comeback: “I’m looking forward to getting my surgery within a month and then I will have a four- to six-month recovery in which I will actually attempt to come back in the ring and wrestle again and make one of the greatest, most memorable comebacks of all time. It will be a long comeback, plus I’m going to be 41 years old. I’m just hoping the surgery and the rehab goes perfect and you’ll see me back in the ring sooner than later.”

“SummerSlam is a few months after Wrestlemania, and for us it’s kind of like the halfway point of the season because it’s the second biggest event of the year. I won’t be there. I’m taking care of the neck. But I’ll be there next year.”

Why he wants to return: “I want to come back because of some unfinished business. I believe being the Milan Miracle I have one miracle left. There’s one belt that I haven’t captured—the WWE Championship—and it’s going to require that miracle to do it. On the right day at the right time I can definitely experience capturing that championship. There’s still some good wrestling left in this guy, so that’s what we’re going to try to do.”

Check out the complete interview at

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    • ultra troll

      wait, i thought santino was retired already?

    • SixMileBronx

      Santino Needs To Comback As A A Heel Something Like A Dean Ambrose Look He Got Mma Background Why Not Use It

      • Guest

        Because that makes too much sense to WWE.

    • Kenny Wood

      Didn’t he just retire a few weeks ago, he’s pulling a Bret Favre lol

    • Plissken

      The night he entered the Elimination Chamber and try to grab the WHC was ont of the greatest night of my life. All the angle that lasted just one show about Santino trying to win a big title, that was awesome. I hope he’ll be able to come back and have a good storyline for THE title of all titles. Maybe not win… but having a good spotlight.

    • UltraManTits Black

      Randy Orton vs. Santino in a steel cage


      The Viper vs. The Cobra in a snake pit

    • Harms Way

      If Santino wants to win the WWE WHC, he needs to drop that stupid gimmick of his and show everyone his true potential as a martial artist.

      • Guest

        You mean WWE has to have him drop the stupid gimmick of his since they’re not too big on booking wrestlers that don’t have some sort of gimmick.

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