Scott Hall Hospitalized, Shocking Story From Indy Event

Former WWE and TNA talent Scott Hall has been hospitalized following a drug overdose. No further details are available at this time.

The former Intercontinental Champion has been battling serious health issues over the past year. He was hospitalized last June for double pneumonia, which had affected both lungs. He was hospitalized again in August due to complications from pneumonia. After recovering, Hall checked into a WWE-sponsored rehabilitation facility, and checked out in early October. Hall was hospitalized weeks later as he needed a pacemaker implanted into his heart.

Hall claimed last week he would not be on hand for the WrestleMania XXVII festivities in Atlanta, Georgia because the atmosphere would be detrimental to his quest to stay sober. Hall missed out on The Kliq’s first on-screen reunion since 2002 and Shawn Michaels’ Hall Of Fame induction, and it may have sent him over the edge. You can read his original heartfelt statement about not attending WM 27 here: Scott Hall: Why I Won’t Be At WrestleMania. You can tell Scott really wanted to be there.

Site reader Chris sent in this report of Scott Hall at an indy wrestling show last night:

Hey guys, I just HAD to send in this report. Tonight I attended Scott Hall’s return, at a local New England wrestling promotion’s anniversary show. And, tonight I witnessed one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Once the man who brought down the house at WrestleMania X, a founder of the NWO, and a great wrestler with even greater mic skills, Scott Hall appeared tonight a man in need of desperate help.

First, he was supposed to sign autographs in the lobby area; however, he had to be carried to the table. When I tell you his face looked lifeless, I cannot even stress the enormity of that statement. He couldn’t hold his eyes open, he was falling over at the table, and looked almost like when you see an elderly patient with dementia; staring out with no signs of awareness or life written on their face. He couldn’t even hold a pen, so people had to take pictures with him, although he sadly wasn’t even aware enough to look up for the camera. Everyone was in shock, with comments like “This is so sad”, “Oh my God, I can’t believe that”, and “I can’t even look at him, it’s so sad to see him like this.”

My friend and I all thought there was no way he would appear in the ring as previously scheduled, but we, and the entire building, were shocked to hear the announcement of Scott Hall coming to the ring. Guys, I kid you not, he had to be carried down the aisle; his legs and feet physically lifted through the ropes. He then cut a promo which was heartbreaking. He had noticeably slurred speech, and had to be held up. Then, Justin Credible came down to the ring and unfortunately the segment carried painfully on. Scott Hall then referred to him as a “wanker” because (and I paraphrase) “that’s what you guys call him here right?” Now everyone wondered what he meant but it was soon to be revealed in another painful moment. He said he loved the fans so much that he just traveled from the hospital to see us. Some tasteless fans shouted “relapse”, and he said that it was actually for a seizure, not a relapse this time. He then explained that he traveled all the way coast to coast from the hospital, all the way to see us here in the U.K. You read that right. He thought he was in the United Kingdom. This caused many fans to chant “U.S.A.” but he didn’t understand. He then was blind-sided by a local wrestler Gino Giovanni (as scripted), and fell down. After minutes of trying to be held up, he picked up a chair to hit Gino, but was so out of it, that it was painful to watch his attempt.He DID NOT, and I can’t stress that enough, wrestle, as any attempt would have been incredibly dangerous to him as well as all the performers. However at the end of the match between Credible and Giovanni, Hall climbed in the ring and tried to cut more promos unsuccessfully. It took the staff and crew nearly 12 minutes to get Hall out of the ring, and upon having his hands raised, he fell over, which was horrifying to watch. Again he had to be carried and lifted through the ropes because he was too unsteady on his feet, nor coherent enough to do so by himself. This segment lasted over 20 minutes, and was heartbreaking to watch; the consensus of the ENTIRE building was shock and sadness.

I am NOT here to report anything official on the reasoning for Scott Hall’s physical state tonight, and it would be completely irresponsible to make any conclusions without hearing the facts first. Whether it was a rehab stint, medications from the hospital still in his system, or anything on his behalf, I do not know. I am not here to report this in jest of this man’s struggles, and can only pass on this story with the high hopes that we will all say a prayer for Scott Hall; he NEEDS help. Ironically enough, the night ended with a ladder match. The very same match that 17 years ago, Scott Hall defined at WrestleMania X with the icon Shawn Michaels. Tonight, was a sad look at how far his demons have caused him to fall. Tonight, I pray for Scott Hall.