Scott Hall Reacts To TNA’s “A Sad State Of Affairs”

Posted by Brad Davis October 24, 2013 8 Comments

TNA Wrestling held its premiere event, Bound For Glory, this past Sunday in San Diego, California, and was unable to fill a good portion of the 12,000 seat Viejas Arena. To combat this startling lack of attendance, some fans were guided to seats in the lower bowl and moved near the hard camera in order for the venue to appear full during the pay-per-view broadcast. Scott Hall, who appeared for the organization as recently as 2010, weighed in on the lackluster turnout with the following message on Twitter.

Despite the company’s ills, he feels that former New World Order cohorts Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are not to blame. In response to a fan saying it’s their fault, Hall wrote, “The history is that [Bischoff] and Hulk left alone, draw money. They never had the control needed to pop that company in my opinion..”

In response to whether WWE head Vince McMahon will ultimately buy the company out, Hall wrote, “Nothing to buy….” In his opinion, that includes talent. Hall wrote to a fan, “Name three people WWE would want…”

Hall added that he he has no interest in returning to the company.

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    • hmw

      TNA Ur time is up

    • Ice

      I never would’ve thought this would happen seeing TNA in its prime years, but now i can’t believe they let it sink so low.

    • SouthSide

      I’m laughing at ALL the people who said that TNA wouldn’t die so soon. Well people even ECW didn’t have to do stuff like that. I wonder if Shane McMahon would want to buy TNA when they go on sale in bankruptcy court.

    • Kage

      “Name three people WWE would want…”
      Bobby Roode

      • Kage

        Or, how about…
        Jeff Hardy
        James Storm

        • Kage

          Oh! Oh! I know!
          AJ Styles
          Austin Aries
          Samoa Joe

    • Armystrong6875

      TNA is going down hill due to lack of creativity. Their writers watch raw and then copy and paste the story lines. At least TNA could have switched it up a bit and had Dixie doing the opposite of what Steph and HHH are doing. Dummys. Hey TNA give me a job. I have ideas that would keep you on the map…..

    • Hip-hop Is Dead

      I remember when Hall was wrestling in the wwe in 1995 and 96 to halve empty arena. When wcw had Hogan and Savage. TNA made there biggest mistake, in my opinion, by taking there biggest event to California, which is hardly a die hard wrestling town. Funny, they had no problem filling up Boston in June. TNA is not dead people. Every company in history as faced similar problems. It’s about if they gonna rebound or not. As far as Hall saying name three people that could work for the wwe, is you serious bruh?! Aries, Hardy, Sting, Kurt Angle still, Styles, Chris Sabin, the x division itself can hold there own to any wwe counterpart in the ring. Fuck attendance, the fans are missing out on a great in rinf content. What’s so special about the wwe these days? I’ll put BFG up against anything the wwe has produced since SummerSlam… Three straight PPVs in the main event with no, or bullshit finsh. Let TNA do that, you internet dicks would be having internet periods. Hall, chill bruh im not 15 bruh, im old enough to remember your Nwo almost put Vince outta business in 1996.

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