Scott Steiner Reveals Details About Bischoff, His Wife & Strippers

Posted by Brad Davis May 9, 2012 17 Comments

Scott Steiner is back with some more epic reading material – revealing new details about Eric Bischoff’s involvement in the Gold Club Atlanta strip club scandal. Steiner talks about Eric Bischoff and his wife talking strippers to a hotel for some late night activities – and the only reason this information got out is because Bischoff is a bad tipper:

Bitchoff also said in interview Im going thru a mid-life crisis and im a drug abuser,pretty stupid statement.

Since his business partner Hogan recently did a sex video and hes over 60,and hogan testified under Oath that he did steroids,WTF bitchoff how stupid are you,in these interviews you cant deny What Ive been saying,so you say stupid shit and bury yourself and Hogan.

Havent had a chance to post 609bitchoffs testimony yet,but since Ive been getting alot of tweets Back wanting to know about it,Again 609 is the last sequence in his docket # 1:19-CR-609 and he Testifies under oath that he and his wife go to the Gold Club and pick up a stripper and take her To a hotel,he watches his wife have lesbian sex with the stripper and then he joins them,but the best But the best part is reading his testimony and you can see what a weasle he is.

Also in reading his testimony you find out the only way he gets caught is he gave the stripper a Bullshit tip,and she gets pissed goes back to the Gold Club tells her boss what he tipped her. He then goes into the register and gives her a bigger tip…….BUSTED..if he would have just gave her a Good tip her boss wouldnt have gone into the register,the FBI was watching all transactions.

I betcha 609bitchoff whos always bragging about how much money he has,wishes he would have gave her A better tip,that must drive you nuts at night,knowing that if you werent such a cheap-ass you could Have avoided all this embarrassment,Hey Eric when you explain lesbian sex to 609garrett And your daughter can you have a fan videotape it,I think this is just the fan participation that hogan was Talking about.

This was another reason why I left,I wasnt going to watch a low-life low-class piece of shit like you run Tna into the ground like you did WCW,Trust me I’m just getting started…F*CK U. 609 Save Tna.

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    • The_Real_PETER

      Eric is the best man to ever step in this business alongside Vince Russo.He is a genious and you shouldn’t talk like that.idiot.TNA is great without you and soon to replace WWE as a flagship wrestling program.You will see.Nothing can compare to Eric and learn to DEAL WITH IT

      • Phill Marshalsea

        That’s a great Troll line. Vince Russo being a Genius. Classic.

      • matt

        the real peter must be related to bichoff.TNA taking over wwe is the dumbest thing i ever heard eric had one good idea the NWO and he ran that to the ground too.tna sucked before hogan and bichoff and it still sucks now. i wish sting angle hardy and aj would go to wwe.

      • LewCCFC

        Tna be bigge than wwe…. Hahahaha what you on? To be fair tba has slightly inproved over the past few years from the days of the odd shaped ring and shitty gimiks but it is still nowhere near the standards of wwe and it wont be as long as its ran by them lot.

      • The_Real_PETER

        WOW. If you’re gonna copy me do it right.

    • chargerfan79

      wow really

    • Hot Lesbian Action


    • Wrestlehead

      I’m sure this is accurate on Steiner’s part, but why bring it up now? These events happened over 10 years ago and it just makes Scott look bitter and disgruntled.

    • mistico

      Wow, Bischoff is cheap.

    • ……

      Lol that was proper…put him on blast

    • Broski

      That’s the big bomb Steiner talking about??? He’s full of B.S.!

    • Kage

      Steiner = epic.

    • steroids

      so when are you gonna inject some of me into you again

    • KenFromNY

      How does Steiner know all this?

      • The truth

        steiner did take part with bischoff while bischoff’s wife watch them do it

        • ami

          what steiner was that stripper???

    • Priapizim

      Makes sence. Back in the day DDP and Kimberly got there big pushes after playing spouse swap with the Bischoffs. That all came out about the time she did Playboy. Can’t say I blame Eric. I would have loved to bag Kimberly. There is a pattern here.

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