Scott Steiner Says He Received a Letter from Hogan & Bischoff’s Lawyer

Posted by Matt Boone May 16, 2012 4 Comments

- Scott Steiner is back with another Twitter rant on Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Steiner says he received a legal letter from their lawyers:

“Havent tweeted lately bcuz I got a letter from a lawyer representing hogan n bitchoff basically saying

They take my tweets seriously and if threats continue they will take to law enforcement….really hogan my

Tweets scare you,Ive said worse in interviews on tv,LOL,I want to thank you bcuz your actions speak

Louder than any words that i could have spoken,sorry for scaring you maybe I will challenge you to a game

Of checkers,

Just when u didnt think it could get any worse in Tna,it has and guys are pissed bcuz hogan has brought

In his no talent daughter,FF’n unbelievable,

When i said guys were pissed thats putting it mildly….”

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    • Mike Priest

      Scott i thought you were a real man, I have watched you for years. Don’t you think at 50+ yrs old you would grow up. You remind me of the school yard bully, Until i whipped his ass and then he shut up. Grow up Scott, Your acting like a child, before someone bitch slaps you.

      • The Schoolyard Bully

        You never whipped my ass. That was the Broad Street Bully so stop telling lies or I’ll take your threats seriously and have my lawyer send you a letter.

    • V3NOM

      Steiner does have a point, TNA dont need HH or his daughter. TNA takes 1 step forward and then 1 step i guess ric’s son is next to enter TNA

      • GhostDistortion

        Your almost right, it’s actually about 3 – 5 steps backward for every one forward.

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