Second #August1Warning Video Released: Mystery Man Says He’s Not Batista

Posted by Matt Boone July 30, 2013 12 Comments

TNA has released the second #August1Warning video, which they say was delivered to their offices on Monday afternoon.

In the video, the mystery man says that he’s not Dave Bautista – and even though Bautista is a good actor, he’d beat the former WWE superstar in a fight.

Here’s the video:

“At 4:45pm today (Monday), a second video tape arrived at the offices of IMPACT WRESTLING from the party claiming to be #August1Warning. Again, we do not endorse the content.”

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    • The Peoples Champ

      I’m really stumped on this one. If it’s Low-Ki (Senshi) then the fact that he says he can beat Batista is hilarious. Same fact goes for Bob Holly. All I know is I’m expecting a big disappointment in the revealing anyway. Much like the revealing of the Aces and Eights members.

    • Wall

      i really want to be excited for this. i really want to be interested in this… but im not… and im not going to tune into tna to find out… ill read it online…

    • JjBiggs

      This is gonna be another great fail by tna (looks like holly, low ki, or tomko)

    • Anson Farris


      • gjh

        Exactly my thoughts the small reference probably gave it away

    • Spencer Elliott

      Book sales no as you hoped they might be, Holly?

    • Camp Cornette

      Funny they let all of these talents go in the past few weeks, but here’s a teaser for a wrestler to make his debut…

    • In and out

      Do they have the teasers made for this guy getting fired in a few months?

    • anthony j

      It is holly, just look at the figure and compare the two. Plus he just recently wrestled with the promotion. I would like to see Batista back in wrestling but he wants way to much and the only way to pay him is get rid of Hogan and his 2 million salary a year.

    • ariel

      bobby lashley , dave batista , they are really good and tna doesn’t deserve them and most def cant afford them

    • ZED87

      The silhouette looks like either Bob Holly or Shelton Benjamin to me. Lashley and Batista may not be the mystery person due to financial situation of TNA. There was a mention of “solution to the problem” in 1st video so it might be Tomko because of his Problem Solver gimmick.

    • ariel

      they cant afford wrestlers because Hogan makes tons of money and im sure makes a decent check due to her fathers pull
      this company will go belly up its a joke

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