Segment Announced For Thursday’s Impact, Injury Update On Doug Williams, More

Posted by Matt Boone October 18, 2012 4 Comments

- Sunday at Bound For Glory, Jeff Hardy regained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Austin Aries in the main event. According to the official Twitter feed of Impact Wrestling, a celebration will be held in honor of his big win on tomorrow night’s live episode of Impact Wrestling.

– Doug Williams, who currently works as trainer at Ohio Valley Wrestling, TNA Wrestling’s developmental promotion, suffered an arm injury while competing at last Wednesday’s OVW television taping. After stating that he may have suffered a partially torn bicep at worst, he noted Monday, “Arm getting better. Can lock it out again now if I do so slowly…”

– TNA Wrestling has released a video highlighting Saturday’s Bound For Glory Fan Interaction event in Phoenix, Arizona, where fans had the opportunity to meet the promotion’s wrestlers.

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    • 40 dawg

      So tna is going all out on the ass kissing to try to have hardy resign. Next thing you know tna will bring back matt ( I hope not ) and sign shane helms ( that would be cool ). Desperation is a bitch when your trying to have your companies top guy resign, like I said if tna loses hardy tna will not last and now their looking desperate at how they are handling the situation.

      • Taylor

        Honestly, Id prefer if they brought back matt & threw jeff out the window since hardy isn’t knowhere as good. Shane helms going to tna would be awesome he is a great preformer. And ya they are getting pretty desperate to keep the trash

        • CJ

          u guys are morons jeff hardy goes to tna hes trash he goes back to wwe its the greatest thing guys hate tna so much dont watch it and talk trash and tna wouldnt go under if hardy left hes left before and came back

          • 40 dawg

            An idiot calling other people names, if you ACTUALLY read my post I didn’t say anything bad about hardy. In fact when he’s sober he is a top 10 wrestler. What I was saying you illiterate idiot is why is tna basically bending backwards for hardy? Because tna is scared he might leave. And tna has a possibility of going under if he leaves cuz they don’t have really that big time name after hardy on the roster, they have solid workers, but not another big time name. And I don’t countt angle cuz he’s popping pills again and is like 40 yrs old and sting keeps on thinking of retiring. Aries would probably be. A big name, in a year or so with more character building and if he drops the selfishness. And that’s a problem tna has always had is creating their own stars. Oh and another thing I stand up for tna WAY more than I do Worlds Worst Entertainment.

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