Seth Rollins Interview: Wrestling Being “Fake” & The Independent Scene

Posted by Brad Davis March 7, 2014 9 Comments

Shield member Seth Rollins recently spoke to to promote next Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings from the Verizon Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here are some highlights of what he said about:

Comparing WWE To The Independent Scene:

“I mean I started training in a shipping warehouse, and I’m in Wrestlemania XXX this year, in front of millions of people worldwide, you know? I spent a few years cutting my teeth in the Midwest, I worked for Ring of Honor, then I went down to Florida and relearned everything there. It wasn’t different, but the crowds are bigger now. The paychecks are nicer, but that’s not really why I do it, so it doesn’t make much of a difference for me. Getting to share the ring with guys I idolized is never going to stop being surreal for me. Getting to share the ring with guys like The Rock or The Undertaker or CM Punk or John Cena, guys I grew up watching. To have them appreciate what I do is just humbling. The fans are awesome too. With social media now, everybody’s faceless, but I assume these kids sending me pictures of myself of Instagram are twelve, thirteen years old. But I don’t know. We’ve all got twitter handles and aliases, and so I don’t really even know what my fan base is like. But everyone’s very kind. I don’t have any crazy people or stalkers or anything like that.”

People Saying That Wrestling Is Fake:

“Fake is like the worst word you could possibly use to describe anything, you know? What are you talking about? What is fake? It’s a television show, and a live performance. Nothing’s fake about it. We’re not telling you we’re out their fighting each other. We’re going out there to entertain you. I consider myself an athlete. I train like an athlete, I eat like an athlete, I recover and get sore just like any other athlete. We’re not lying to anybody. People just don’t understand the art form of what we do. It’s a mental and physical grind. You can’t be a dolt in this industry. On the opposite end of that, you can be the smartest guy in the world and not understand what it is to have a presence on stage. Being a character, executing a live performance, understanding what it is to connect with a crowd and elicit a specific response at a specific time using moves and body language and emotions. What we do is very complex. It’s under appreciated.”

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    • Wil

      I agree Rollins you the man!!

      Wrestling is not fake yet it is scripted like any movie or show you would see on TV .. Sometimes people do get hurt on the set. Especially in this line of work .. the show must go on ..

      • Will $teel

        exactly thats the argument i use against ppl who r hatin on wrestlin 4 bein “fake.” movies r fake n ppl LOVE them. This is just done live so its that much more difficult.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says wrestling is real; it’s life that’s fake.

    • Undertaker316

      i agree 100% with what seth rollins said the problem is the people who call wrestling fake, are just being ignorant by criticizing a sport that they dont understand and by not taking the time to research on how professional wrestling works and to understand why the fans watch it.

    • Pinmepayme

      Wrestling is real. My imaginary friend said so.

      • P.P. Johnny

        P.P. Johnny wonders if you know Bosco, too?

    • Bulkster

      Wrestlers should just put people in the hospital that call wrestling fake. Like in the good ole days.

    • Canuck 703

      It really annoys me when people say wrestling is “fake”. Especially now that it’s considered sports entertainment. Anyways most of the people who spout that crap have never watched a match or show in their lives.

      • Mr 561

        “Don’t you know it’s fake?” …. Yeah, so are Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones & House of Cards.


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