Shane McMahon Talks About Bond With Kurt Angle, Footage Of Their Reunion

On the new WWE 24: Kurt Angle – Homecoming documentary special that premiered on the WWE Network after Monday night’s post-Great Balls Of Fire episode of WWE RAW, Shane McMahon was shown meeting up with Angle for the first time in years at a WWE SmackDown Live taping prior to his induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame earlier this year.

Featured above is a WWE Network Extra clip, which shows Angle and Shane meeting up at the SmackDown Live taping earlier this year.

“It’s like you call one of your best friends and you haven’t spoken to them in several years and you pick right back up where you left off,” Shane said of their reunion. “That’s a good foundation that you’ve built and that’s a solid friendship. If you do that, you know you’ve got a good friend there.”

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