Shawn Michaels Works on Foley DVD, Sheamus & Otunga TLC News

Posted by Matt Boone October 12, 2012 0 Comment

– Shawn Michaels wrote on Twitter that he filmed an interview for the upcoming Mick Foley DVD, which is scheduled to be released on April 16, 2013.

“@WWE film crew is here interviewing for a new Mic Foley DVD,” Michaels wrote. “Should be a good one I’m sure!!:-) Hope you’re having a great day!! Thanks @WWE & @RealMickFoley for letting me be part of the DVD! I hope it does well!! Thanks again.”

– The City Sentinel is featuring an article about WWE filming a promo for December’s TLC pay-per-view at the Coyle Law Firm in Oklahoma City. World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and David Otunga were involved in the shoot.

“Otunga sits on a desk in our office and says ‘Hi I’m David Otunga, if you’ve been hit by a table, ladder or chair, call David Otunga,'” said Billy Coyle, an attorney at the firm. “And right when he says ‘chair’ a big old Irish guy named Sheamus hits him on the back with a chair, pretty hard…. BAM! It was pretty good.”

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