Sheamus Comments on Warrior, New Title for MITB Anthology, Austin

Posted by Matt Boone July 19, 2013 1 Comment

- Steve Austin will be doing an #AskMeAnything chat on today at 1pm EST.

– Sheamus tweeted the following about Vince McMahon welcoming The Ultimate Warrior back to WWE on Twitter yesterday:

“Just marked-out there. Ultimate Warrior is back in the loving arms of #WWE!! Anyone do good warpaint?”

– The new title for WWE’s Money in the Bank anthology that comes out in October is, “Straight to the Top: The Money in the Bank Ladder Match Anthology.”

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    • The Ultimate Warrior

      Finally the time has come for I have been spoken to, spoken to by the gods above, spoken to by the most powerful forces in the universe and most of all spoken to by the people. The people that never forget, and never stop believing in the power of the warrior. As I was called one last time, I reached deep into my soul, for I knew it was my destiny, a destiny I had no choice but to fulfil. I need to summon up every last strength from within because this time, only this time I know … I know I will be locking horns with the devil himself, known as Mr Mcmahon, I will battle him in the ring, I will battle him in the boardroom, I will battle him in court and then take him to the one place he will not survive, I will rip him from the gates of hell, and take him to parts of the universe he never knew exisited, I will take him to parts unknown, and there can only be one winner in the fight I lead, I lead you all into battle one last time, for one last war, and I stand here battle worn and scarred but there is still only one man capable of winning this war …. THE UUUUUUUUULIMATE WAAAARRRRRRIOR *SNORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT”

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