Sheamus Name-Drops TNA On Radio, Cena Makes History

— Sheamus participated in a radio interview with Mix 106.1 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Tuesday to promote that evening’s SmackDown taping at the Wells Fargo Center. The Celtic Warrior discusses his road to WWE, during which he mentions TNA — which is usually a no-no for Vince’s talent. He recalls being signed to a developmental contract years ago along with other European talent such as Rob Terry and points out that he later went to TNA. The two-time world champion also reveals his personal goals and which wrestlers gave him advice early in his career.

It’s worth noting that things may have changed in WWE regarding their policy to mentioning the internet and competition. With CM Punk talking about ROH on RAW, and Cena mentioning the competition, WWE may be loosening the leash on their wrestlers… Brother.

— Leon Peters sent this in: I thought I’d send along some interesting stats concerning John Cena and the WWE Title. As of today, June 29th, John Cena has spent 1,028 days as WWE Champion. This includes all 9 of Cena’s reigns with the Title.

Today is significant because Cena surpasses Pedro Morales who spent 1,027 days as WWE Champion. Cena right now is in the #4 spot for most days spent as WWE Champion behind #3 Bob Backlund, #2 Hulk Hogan and #1 Bruno Sammartino(4,040 days!) This is only for the WWE Title, not the World Heavyweight Title.

If you include Cena’s 2 reigns with the World Heavyweight Title, it brings his total days as a WWE World Champion up to 1,133. If Cena can remain WWE Champion until SummerSlam on August 14th he will hit the 1,149 day mark, surpassing Triple H’s total days as a WWE World Champion. Triple H’s combined 8 WWE Title reigns and 5 World Heavyweight Title reigns come out to 1,148 days as Champion.