Shelton Benjamin’s WWE Status, HHH/Taker, Stevie Richards

– Shelton Benjamin worked a dark match prior to this week’s SmackDown taping in Houston, Texas, beating SmackDown Superstar Curt Hawkins. The feeling is that based on how well he performed and the solid reaction he received from the hometown crowd, he will receive an offer to return to the organization after WrestleMania XXVII.

Follow the match, Benjamin said on Twitter that he ‘may or may not be returning to WWE’.

– A joke going around WWE regarding Vince McMahon’s doctrine that The Undertaker’s match with Triple H at WrestleMania X-Seven never happened, is that the SmackDown star’s undefeated streak should be 17-0.

– ECW original Stevie Richards almost won a million dollars this week. The key word being – ALMOST.

2K Sports, the creators of the new MLB 2K11 baseball video game, is holding its annual contest where the first person to pitch a ‘perfect game’ wins $1 million. Stevie Richards bought the game and did what thousands of gamers have tried to do – he pitched a perfect game.

Unfortunately for Stevie – this year’s contest does not begin until April 1st. Last year, the contest began as soon as MLB 2K10 went on sale.

News of Richards’ ill-fated attempt at the $1 million prize has been picked up by a number of video game blog, including, and others.

Check out this video of the final inning of Richards’ perfect game: