Sin Cara Headed To FCW Before WWE TV Debut

Posted by Brad Davis March 3, 2011 11 Comments

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Sin Cara was scheduled to begin training in Florida with WWE developmental wrestler Peter Orlov (a/k/a Alex Koslov) since he has experience working Lucha Libre style wrestling as well as WWE’s style of wrestling. Orlov joined WWE’s Florida Championship Wrestling territory in November of 2010.

Orlov will also be used as a stand-in and “opponent” when they film Cara in the ring performing high-flying maneuvers for his entrance video and introductory vignettes, since WWE has no footage of him that they can legally use.

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    • Hollow Bonez

      Hopefully he doesn’t stay in development too long. I will like to see him on TV asap. I’m loving how WWE is renewing themselves and how the program seems to get a bit more interesting. The question is, can they keep up the good work? and How much will the WM27 ppv sell?

    • Moron

      The way i see it honestly, this year’s Wrestlemania was initially heading towards a dull PPV event ever with both The Miz and Alberto Del Rio involvement in the main event. No legitimate credibility where the fans would go “whoah”. Except for the Deadman and Hunter’s match. No MITB, no worth-watching matches. Maybe thats the reason they’re calling The Rock to host it. Austin is making an appearance too. So i think with the appearance of these two, acting as the “Attraction-Pull” factor for WM27. Still relying on the old boys i see.

      • Random guy

        Agreed. They have to rely on the older guys. because they trained the younger guys so poorly.

      • AFtermath

        WWE realized they are desperate. Going by the ratings before Rock return, they wld hav suffered big-time shd WM27 b a failure. So much for PG tv..

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      I don’t see alot of the new talent as dull at all, they just need a chance to shine. I’d rather have Miz vs Morrison as a mania event then Cena. WWE has a ton of potential talent they just need to give them the chance alot of them have earned.

      • Hollow Bonez

        I agree, they aren’t putting greater effort into these younger guys

    • Hobble

      It makes sense for him to go to FCW for a bit to adjust to WWE style wrestling. I just hope it isn’t too long, I can’t wait to see him debut.

      • Kevin

        wwe does not have a style of wrestling its just wrestling thats it just like tna is all wrestling a wrestler can go in wwe and do whatever move they want

        • Hobble

          Not quite. WWE/WCW popularized a style of wrestling that’s generally specific to the United States. Sin Cara has a lot of experience in Lucha Libre, which is fast paced, and most importantly his opponents are generally no bigger than light heavyweights. WWE is full of heavyweights and even super heavyweights, who have more a brawl/old school style.

          Even other USA promotions such as ROH, Dragon Gate, Evolve, tend to have a roster of smaller wrestlers who showcase a lucha/japanese style. TNA use to be the same, it wasn’t until recently that they began changing and adapting the style showcased by WWE/WCW

          A Lucha wrestler can’t just apply the same tricks that he knows from lucha libre on someone like Big Show or Mark Henry.

          You don’t ever see pure Lucha Libre or Japanese style wrestling in WWE, not even pure British style wrestling. In WWE the closest you see is a Lucha/Japan/British wrestler who adapts those styles to the heavyweight old school style matches.

    • JESTER

      ahh fast paced. that reminds me of how stone cold and the rock and most people back then would go at it as soon as the bell rang, especially those 2, it was just flurries of punches back and forth and running not fallin down and staying on the floor for so long like nowadays, hell with the way they wrestle now i could prolly do it better than some and im 17 lol.

      • Hobble

        Yeah, I forgot about the way those matches started so intense.

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