Sin Cara Portrayed By Hunico On RAW: Details On The Character’s Future

Posted by Brad Davis December 3, 2013 14 Comments

On Monday’s RAW, “Sin Cara” returned and scored an upset win over former World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio. Some fans may have noticed that Sin Cara was sporting a new sleeve tattoo. The man formerly known as Mistico (Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde) did not get a new tattoo – it was actually WWE superstar Hunico who wrestled as Sin Cara on RAW.

Here’s a photo of Hunico as Sin Cara from RAW:

According to, the original Sin Cara (formerly Mistico) is expected to be released when his contract expires. His character is considered by most to be a huge flop, due to his sloppy ring work and multiple injuries.

In a pretty funny social media ‘botch’ – the official Twitter account of Sin Cara “checked in” at a restaurant located in Mexico – while “Sin Cara” was wrestling on RAW –

Over the weekend, it was reported that a Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara match is being considered for WrestleMania XXX. If the match does take place, it very well could be Hunico getting the WrestleMania payday.

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    • bn

      Hunico is definitely a better sin cara

      • XSin Carax

        just no

        • Ice

          YES!! YES!! YES!!! YES!!

          • XSin Carax


    • Tim Boggs

      Hunico is a better Sin Cara than Mistico… ughhhh… the Artist Formerly Known As “Mistico”…

    • Not Chris Jericho

      Its a shame how bad Mystico wrestled as Sin Cara in WWE. In Mexico, Mystico was incredible, so I guess thats where he should have stayed. Hunico wrestles the WWE style a lot better, so I hope he gets to ride and reboot the character.

      • Guest

        Considering what happened with Hunico playing the black Sin Cara don’t get your hopes up.

    • GoodNewsGarrett

      Hunico is definitely better than Sin Cara, not that it matters to the WWE, Mexicans don’t make a difference to them, that’s why you had Jerry Lawler saying you “can’t tell the difference” between Hunico and Camacho and then Hunico gets put into a random Matador tag team and now he’s playing another Mexican. Next week Camacho will be playing ADR. lol

      • Ice

        Matador tag-team is portrayed by Primo & Epico

    • Troy Bennett

      please tell me this wont be another doink the clown thing where like 30 people over the span of 40 years play the same character

      • ring monkey

        too true i’d rather that they just end the character rather than replace the performer. anyone max moon? the chararcter created for konnan he peformed a few times then quit what’s vince do rather than ending lame ass charater he replaces the performer and we are left with the craptastic max moon character. doink while it was noticable that bourn was gon doink was still fun for a bit after replacement started.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny thinks the WWE was trying to pull a fast one with a bulked up, tattooed Sin Cara. Actually, Hunico was a much improved Sin Cara. Maybe they should change his named Sinico?

    • violentj

      no…..mistico is better as sin cara……..if ya guys saw last week match between hunico(sin cara) vs del rio…….it was all bad…..hunico was fighting like a fat pig rolling around…his high flying moves are not clear as real sin cara…………………

    • chrisstacks

      best airfly

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