Six Man Tag After Raw Tapings, Orton Comments on Heel Turn, WM29 Weekend Event

Posted by Matt Boone March 26, 2013 7 Comments

- After Raw went off the air Monday night, The Shield came out through the crowd and attacked John Cena. Sheamus and Ryback came out to even the odds, which setup the dark match main event.

John Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus defeated The Shield by disqualification after Rollins used a chair on Sheamus. Following the match, Ryback and John Cena hit their finishers on Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to end the event.

– New York City DJ Peter Roseberg is hosting another WrestleMania weekend event – an “Inside The Squared Circle” discussion with former WWE Superstar MVP. The event will take place at Caroline’s On Broadway in Manhattan following the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony at Madison Square Garden.

– Randy Orton continues to express his desire to be a heel. When a fan on Twitter asked if they were the only one that missed him as a heel, he replied, “No, your not.”

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    • SJ42

      I miss Randy Orton being like he was in some of 2007, Jan-Dec of 2008-2009 and some of 2010! When he was shaving his head and had a peach fuzz crew cut and when he was kicking ass on the bad guys in WWE AND though he appeared to lose, he was actually winning matches! His promos were much better and more believable also! Not to mention that he could get me to yell things at my TV screen such as,
      “TELL HIM RANDY!!!!…TELL HIM!!!”
      “KICK HIS SKULL IN!!!”
      For some reason….you know how when Randy Orton was cutting a promo and he was looking into the camera….in just that way like he had done when they did the skit where Triple H showed up at his home in St. Louis, MO….and broke in through the front door and they fought in his house and then Randy got thrown through a window and the cops ended up getting called and Triple H got put into the police car but Randy was still fighting back even though he was being restrained by the cops and Triple H was safe inside the poice car…from Randy Orton!!
      If only I could have french kissed Randy Orton….and had him do the same to me, then and there….I swear to God that I would have!

      • Heather

        That was definitely a cool segment! I enjoyed the promo he did when he was holding the WWE Raw Championship and John Cena and Triple H had cut promos about why they ought to be champion….then he cut a promo about why he should be champion! I believed him when he said it! I just did!

        • StarrBerry

          R-Resilient, Respectful
          A-Admirable, Astonishing, Appreciative
          N-Nice Person who Understands
          D-Devoted, Disciplined, Determined
          Y-You’re a Treasure Inside

          R-Really Cool and Lots of Fun
          T-Thoughtful, Trustworthy

    • Ice

      i miss the “Legend Killer” Randy Orton, and his previous theme song.

    • ravon

      He should grow his beard and hair

      • SJ42

        Randy Orton should be allowed to shave his head so he’s got a peach fuzz crew cut and be clean shaven again! PLEAAAAAAASE!!!!!! He should do that!!!
        I ADORE, LOVE AND MISS the hell out of The Viper Randy Keith Orton!!!!
        The Rev Theory “Voices” enterance theme song is cool!

    • Edge

      I know for sure that he will turn heel.WWE has punished him for too long although he can blame only himself ppened after 2nd time he got caught.I just hope they don’t give him a coward heel gimmick,he is much better when he looks dangerous and puts people over in stipuulation matches.I don’t mind him to work with Shield and even to turn out as their leader,that’s ok.But he just must get WHC again,no question about it.

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