SmackDown Rating, Bad Sign For RAW’s Rating, Jericho’s MIB 3 Connection

Posted by Brad Davis May 30, 2012 6 Comments

- Suspended WWE superstar Chris Jericho tweeted the following on Tuesday evening:

“Watching Men In Black 3 and Will Smith’s character just got suspended for four weeks. Hahah what a loser!”

– Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown scored a 1.84 cable rating, with 2.63 million viewers. That number is up from the 1.79 million the week before.

– Monday’s RAW rating won’t be available until Wednesday due to the Memorial Day holiday, but early indications are that the number could dip below 3.0 once again. RAW faced stiff competition from the Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat NBA playoff game as well as the series premiere of the History Channel’s Hatfields & McCoys series, which had a huge first night. History sent out a press release today announcing that Hatfields & McCoys became the #1 non-sports telecast in ad supported cable television history, with over 13.9 million total viewers.

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    • BRIAN

      the wwe need todo something i been a fan all mylife im 21 and its jus goin down lil by lil i cant beleave it and i love wrestling…i have 24/7 on demand with ppv i buy and soon ima cancel all tht also PG sucks by the way…and wht happen to the divas????? WOW WHT IS GOIN ON

    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      When CM Punk said in a promo last year “I weep for the future!”, well It’s offically coming to life. WWE after Wrestlemania doesn’t have a clue on what they are doing, and it’s shows in there product every week. It’s like they are coming up with storylines on the spot. The last company that did that went out of business. WWE had numerous of opportunities to fix there product, and turn it around, but they refused, by giving opportunites to people who didn’t deserve it, and now they are hurting. Once Vince sees the ratings reports, he’ll probably blame the whole thing on somebody else other than himself. With an attitude like, than the company deserves to go under. Wake the hell up WWE, before it’s to late.

    • Kane

      Linda Mcmahon should get out of politics and WWE should go TV-14. Believe me, this is the only option to bring WWE back to the top again. I have no problem with PG. Since they couldn’t create good storylines, matches they need to add the edge now to boost ratings, and that is possible in TV-14.

    • ……

      Lol Jericho is a joker…

    • Matt Rayfield

      Guys there is still TNA and ROH who are at least trying new things in TNA’s case with gutcheck and open fight night. Sure those things seem unwrestling like but hey at least they are trying with those things.

    • Samario

      wwe should have prepared for the future, especially when all the top stars i grew up watching are gone such as shawn michaels, edge, and batista etc. the only top stars now is john cena, randy orton, and chris jericho and wwe caint rely on them for another 5-10 years, they should have focused on building new talent and quit the pg era to get their ratings up

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