SmackDown SPOILER Results For Feb 25, 2011

Posted by Brad Davis February 23, 2011 14 Comments

Thanks to Andy Barkley for sending in the following:

*Rey Mysterio defeated Kane to open the show.

*Dusty Rhodes came to the ring and called out his son, Cody Rhodes. Dusty talked Cody into apologizing to Rey Mysterio. Dusty and Rey shook hands and then Dusty turned on Mysterio after the handshake. Cody then beat Rey down and took his mask, smashing Rey into the Titan Tron mirror that is used for his entrance.

*Dusty Rhodes and son Cody are backstage. Dusty said he would do anything for Cody. They celebrate.

*Rosa Mendes defeated Layla by DQ when Michelle McCool, who was on commentary, attacked Rosa Medes. They teased more tension between LayCool.

*Jack Swagger defeated Kofi Kingston with the ankle lock. Said to be a good match.

*Vickie Guerrero was backstage trying to recruit Chavo Guerrero for help but he didn’t want any part of it.

*The Big Show defeated Wade Barrett by countout. The Corre was banned from ringside for this match. Post-match saw The Big Show attack Wade Barrett. He then went for a chokeslam but The Corre came out for the save. The Big Show chased them off with a steel chair to end the segment.

*Edge and Kelly Kelly defeated Vickie Guerrero and Drew McIntyre. Kelly Kelly speared Vickie and Edge speared McIntyre at the end of the match. Teddy Long came down to celebrate with Edge and Kelly Kelly. Vickie threw a fit while this was ongoing. She even asked Booker T for help at one point during her rage. Post-match saw Alberto Del Rio come down to attack Edge.

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    • i am god

      hmm not a bad show buh could’ve had more to it . i don’t really get why kofi keeps on loosing . .

      first btw !

    • Hobble

      No Undertaker? He was advertised to appear.

    • sri

      Rey 619 Always Rocks,….The Man

      • Crystal Williams

        I agree with you there 619 Rey is my #1 Fav on Smackdown… Little Man big Fight… Luv it… ;)

    • channy

      Kelly Kelly in the main event again…why??? she can’t wrestle, she can’t act…why push her

      • Zack

        But she’s hot dude

        • channy

          To bad I’m not a dude. And she’s and ugly, annoying and talentless bimbo

    • sumguy

      wow I’m sketchy about this episode.

    • craiglister

      No Christian? WTD (what he deuce… Keeping it pg) I was looking forward to tuning in for Christian and nothing. So let down right now.

    • Crystal Williams

      Can’t wait to see it happen on Friday… :)

    • braam

      We in south africa are tired and bored with vickie shit it goes on and on never stoping typical AMERICAN to mutch thats why WWE is not so popular in SA only we die hard fANS but i think im also done watching WWE

      • South Side Kid 2.0

        Maybe we can get Vickie and Teddy Long to make out in the ring and then have Teddy kick Edge in his junk, resulting in him turning heel.

    • sumguy

      why won’t they push chavo? He needs to be pushed cuz he’s dealth with alot and he hasn’t complained one bit.

    • wwe5

      Every one is staring at me…..this is was the epic line by cody rhodes…..

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