SmackDown Viewership Decreases, SummerSlam ’07 In 60 Seconds

Posted by Michael Bluth August 12, 2013 1 Comment

- Last week’s episode of WWE Smackdown drew 2,490,000 viewers, down approximately 250,000 from the previous week.

- Here’s the latest “SummerSlam in 60 Seconds” video, looking back at the 20th anniversary of the summer classic from 2007:

  • Jennifer L Diamond

    Smackdown viewers have declined cause you have vickie in charge. Also you basically have the same show we see on Monday that is being viewed on Friday and have quit producing live shows. You tape them on Tuesday then everyone knows what happens by that night or the next day and isn’t interested by Friday. You want to get people to view smackdown again make it where you have a separate roster again. Start building some interest in the show by making them live. Bring in some of the fresher talent and take out some of the older I’m tired of seeing old talent who can’t wrestle worth a damn being put on TV.

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