Snitsky Interested In Forming Tag Team With WWE Star, Rips Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater

Posted by Matt Boone October 23, 2012 3 Comments

Gene Snitsky, who has not appeared for WWE since being released from his contract in December 2008, continues to campaign online for his job back with the sports-entertainment organization.

The 42-year-old wrestler was backstage at Saturday’s Raw live event in Reading, Pennsylvania, where he tweeted a photo of himself with Tensai and stated, “Possible new tag team in #wwe? What ya think?” He added to a fan who wants to see the behemoths team up, “Would love to make it happen!!!! Let #wwe know how u feel.”

Unlike Tensai, Snitsky is not fond of two of his WWE colleagues. He pondered Friday to his Twitter followers, “How does drew McIntyre still have a job? Just wondering….”

A fan then wrote to Snitsky wondering why McIntyre’s 3MB partner, Heath Slater, is also employed by WWE, and the former Superstar responded, “ya him too…. Fukn horrible.”

Snitsky continued railing the Scottish grappler by ridiculing for him for his various persona changes over the years: “heez been repackaged so many times I lost count! Ask @CharlieHaas about him!!!” He added that Haas’ view on McIntyre rhymes with “bits.”

Snitsky then reminisced about the fellow former WWE Superstar purposely clocking McIntyre during a match. He wrote to a follower, “You should hear @CharlieHaas story about the time he punched him in the face during their match! Lmfao.”

Snitsky did not see McIntyre at the show to ask himself why he still has a job, but noted that the WWE Superstar already knows how he feels about him.

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    • 40 dawg

      Sounds like snitsky is a little jealous. Don’t hate cuz wwe dropped your boring ass and tna didn’t want anything to do with you. There’s a reason wwe has “repackaged” mcintyre so many times you lost count. It’s cuz mcintyre actually has talent. And speaking of haas, if by some chance wwe brought snitsky back to team with tensai what would their tag name be, world’s most boring tag team? ( see what I did there ).. and it’s funny how he visited backstage and avoided drew when he’s talking all that sh-t, I smell a huge p-ssy.

    • Bob

      The real reason Mclntyre has been repackaged so much is because WWE can’t seem to bring in any new names that are worth pushing. Just look at Prince Albert oh I meant Tensai. WWE has the same handful of wrestlers doing the same things they’ve been doing for at least 2 years now same story lines with the same wrestlers over and over gets boring very fast.. Wrestling will never be as good as it was in the late 80’s through the mid 90’s.

    • Kage

      Snitsky, no one wants to see you. Go away.

      Oh, and Drew McIntyre is a phenomenal talent. That fact that WWE have wasted him for so long is nothing short of atrocious. Hell, even Bret Hart thinks the same thing!

      He has a ‘superstar’ look and physique, plus he can cut a brilliant promo (take a look at his 2009 feud with Teddy Long, Matt Hardy, and Kofi Kingston).

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