Social Media Score & Backstage Fallout Video For This Week’s WWE SmackDown

Posted by Matt Boone November 2, 2013 1 Comment

-Despite the return of John Cena to SmackDown, Friday’s edition of the show remained below-average in social media activity. The social media score for this week’s edition of SmackDown came in at 58,197, according to The score marks an increase of nine percent from last week’s Hell In A Cell “go-home” show, but is still well below the yearly average of 71k.

-Speaking of this week’s SmackDown, WWE has added the latest edition of the SmackDown “Backstage Fallout” to their official YouTube channel. This week’s SmackDown “Backstage Fallout” video features the cast of WWE Total Divas bragging about how they beat Team A.J. Lee, as well as The Uso’s and Big E. Langston forming a new alliance of sorts.

You can watch this week’s SmackDown “Backstage Fallout” video below:

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    • ViperStrike

      John Cena continues to make the WWE suck worse than disappointingly awful! At this point all I’d want is to see John Cena feud vs. The Viper Randy Orton of 2008 – 2009 and have The Viper Randy Orton go back to looking and behaving how he used to, being the underdog like he was and have him fucking kick Cena’s fucking skull in and RKO the hell outta him! I’d also have Randy Orton The Viper defeat and beat John Cena, and John Cena would finally be getting negative consequences that he doesn’t want and he also wouldn’t be feeling and being so happy but everyone else would be!
      John Cena never has to make restitution for all the bad, negative, wrong, antagonistic, insulting, disrespectful, unjust, unfair, wrong, deceptive, lousy, disappointing, discouraging, dissatisfying, dissatisfactory, bullying, mocking on & making fun of others he’s been getting away with for the past decade.
      I’m extremely dissatisfied with the fact that no matter what, John Cena doesn’t have to suffer any negative consequences and always gets away with harming people in WWE and watching WWE! Cena’s bullied Josh Matthews, as well as several of his in ring opponents, not to mention the fact that he got away with getting injured before his match with Daniel Bryan on purpose just so that he could make sure to look like he was coming back from an injury in order to further his own career and look like he’s some kind of good guy even though he still is getting away with all the wrongdoing he’s been part of for over the past decade!
      I hate it that Randy has been placed in the position of having to be WWE Champion for the wrong reasons and that he is having to behave hellishly because it fucking sucks and is totally wrong! He was a zillion times more believable, realistic, fantastic, good, intense, passionate, honorable, badass, dedicated, and incredible when he was The Viper Randy Orton and was shaving his head and was clean shaven and looked how he does and was WWE Champion in the brand – new WWE Raw video clip footage! Because then he was WWE Champion for the right reasons and he was kicking ass on John Cena and was doing believable, incredible, emotionally captivating matches where all you wanted to see The Viper do was utilize his IED and anger in the right way which’d be positive and for him to defeat John Cena in a way which’d feel fantastic and completely satisfying!
      I miss the hell out of The Viper Randy Orton how he looked and behaved, was and his attitude, demeanor, and how he spoke, his determination, his passion, drive, instincts, as well as his inner-goodness, strength, determination, helpfulness when he’s able to assist and him being loyal, true and being strong enough to resist siding with those who are bad and are negatively influencing him to behave poorly like he’s being forced to have to do….I miss the hell out of how he used to be and how he’d do his best, fight for the right reasons and defy the unfairness and negative stuff in WWE….I truly miss and love him being how he was from 2008-2009 !
      But now…things feel like they’re not going to be allowed to be that way and Randy’s never going to be allowed to be a good guy like he was during that period of time!
      I’m going to send him snail mail with some stuff I want to say to him and support him in a positive way so that things can eventually improve from the detestable, f–ked up way they currently are in WWE!
      I’d definitely appreciate him returning to looking, being, behaving and having the fearless, resilient, assertive, fighter’s attitude he had back then !
      The Viper Randy Orton may not realize it but him going back to looking and being that way again is very much loved, wanted, needed and would be tremendously appreciated!

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