Speculation on Brock Lesnar’s Meeting with Dana White, Did WWE Know?

Posted by Matt Boone May 29, 2012 3 Comments

- We noted before that Brock Lesnar met with UFC President Dana White in Las Vegas this weekend following the UFC pay-per-view. There was some speculation that WWE and UFC were in on the whole thing as part of the Lesnar storyline.

Word now is that WWE had no part in the meeting and it was all Lesnar’s doing. Speculation now is that Lesnar was trying to fuel his WWE storyline and at the same time make a “power play” with the two companies.

Lesnar actually told WWE officials that he met with White but nothing happened out of it. Lesnar reportedly brought up the idea of doing something with UFC but White wasn’t interested. White does not want a pro wrestling connection with UFC and isn’t interested in working with Lesnar while he’s with WWE, despite teasing it at the post-fight press conference.

Source: PWInsider

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    • xpac > 2pac

      You gotta admit… as much as Vinny Mac is a great promoter / businessman….. Dana White all business. Good for you and UFC. Zuffa and UFC aren’t built on a single guy, unlike WWE which seems to need a “face”… Hogan and Cena being the biggest draws for the company.

      • http://www.facebook.com/WolfLink22 Matt Rayfield

        Uh Hogan is apart of TA this is a Lesnar/wwe/dana white story leave hogan and tna out of it until such time @xpac>2pac.

    • Paul Heyman

      i think i have an idea what Brock wants to do.

      he wants to be a fighter in UFC and also a performer in WWE at the same time just like Lashley.
      good thing, Dana is still not interested with UFC having connections with pro wrestling, since its all fake and MMA is real.
      c’mon Brock, i can’t manage you running like a shithead

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