Spike TV Cancels TNA Impact Wrestling

Posted by Brad Davis July 28, 2014 25 Comments

Spike TV is dropping Impact Wrestling, according to a report at TMZ.com.

Network executives informed Dixie Carter over the weekend that they will NOT be renewing TNA’s contract, which is currently scheduled to run until October.

According to TMZ, multiple sources with direct knowledge of the deal say Dixie Carter was informed about the decision late last week and she told her staff about the news the following day.

Impact Wrestling premiered on Spike TV back in October 2005.

TNA did not provide a statement when contacted.

Story developing.

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    • Jeremy

      R.I.P. TNA

      • Matt Rayfield

        TNA was Spike TV’s highest rated show, so more like bye bye Spike TV once TNA leaves. I can still watch ROH on channel 9 through my DVR if TNA can’t get a US TV deal. But if TNT wants Wrestling or of TBS wants Wrestling back they could be interested in either TNA or Jeff Jarrett’s GFW. But some TV Network even ESPN could pick one of the 2 up.

    • Shaquille Burton

      I don’t understand isn’t TNA spikes highest ratings maker

      • Guest

        If it was the highest rating earner then the network as a whole was in dire trouble.

        • Shaquille Burton

          Well spike had been on the decline when raw left so yeah I wouldn’t put it past the fact of them dying as a network entirely

    • anthony j

      Somebody will pick them up, let’s be realistic, there are always companies that want to out do its rivals. Not saying TNA is going to out do WWE on a new network, but whoever does pick them up will want that. And if so happen, they will have an input on the creative side of it. It is like watching repeats of WWE matches that were broadcasted two months back.

    • Smark

      Oh geez, this is not good news for wrestling fans of all kinds. Competition helps the business. Remember, this was the final blow that killed WCW too.

      • Matt Rayfield

        Vince Russo was what killed WCW and Vince Buying WCW out was what did WCW in. With TNA it will be different.

      • Guest

        Competition also drives or nearly drives companies into obsolescence.

    • bluebook

      TNA had its chance. It had ample time to convince an audience to care about their product and, sadly, it failed to make that audience sizable enough. Dixie Carter and company made MANY atrocious mistakes and now they’re paying the price. It’s time to let someone else step in. Perhaps ROH, Jarret’s new promotion, or something else yet unheard of. That’s a siverlining for wrestling fans.

      I’m sure TNA will find a way to survive a little bit longer, but without a TV deal, it’s hard to see how they could.

      • Guest

        The company wasn’t exactly in much better straights when Jarrett was running it for god’s sake Impact used to come on MSG Network on an inconsistent scheldue

    • TheAdequateKhali

      It might not be all bad news – Jeff Jarrett’s promotion could get in with a deal.

    • UltraManTits Black

      Screw TNA. Put Chikara on Spike.

    • Camp Cornette

      Nail… meet coffin.

    • GRJ937

      ROH has the best wrestling today. Let them pick up a deal with Spike and watch how fast it grows!!

    • Saw it coming

      Been saying this all along. Poor management decisions, poor creative, losing top stars the sinking ship called TNA has finally sunk. Thks russo & dixie!

    • Killer ghost

      If TNA wants a TV deal they have a drop there TV rating to PG. TBS not going to pick up TNA TBS is a family channel now . I’ll say espn but it’s own by Disney

    • TheMachineX2

      Really no surprise here. I lost interest a long time ago. TNA WAS SUCKING SOME FIERCE JO JO.

    • chrissi calvert

      Its TMZ. How much stuff on TMZ turns out to be true? Not alot. Plus TNA will still air in the UK as its consistently getting higher viewing figures than WWE.

    • Brian

      Whelp, can’t say I’m too surprised by this development. I am surprised that Spike decided now was the time to part ways with them, seeings as it was seemingly one of the channels biggest draws, but TNA has been a dying brand for a long time now. It’s unfortunate, because it means WWE has even fewer reasons to try and step up the product they release each week. Maybe TNA gets picked up elsewhere, but even if it does, it’s not going to carry the full fanbase it had, which was already marginal enough to begin with. So while I can see TNA carrying on for another few years, assuming another channel picks it up, I highly doubt it sees anything outside of a decline from this point forward. Oh well.

    • Q9V

      Another one bites the dust. Meanwhile, the WWE continues to roll onward. Trust in McMahon.

    • Raven

      Here comes new material for WWE Network.



    • Theron Moore

      Be curious to see what jeff jarrett says or does at this point…

    • Buffdaddy

      When the ratings go up the rumours return. Always around the same time of the year too. As for GFW do you really want to see Jeff Jarrett win his own promotion’s championship again by knocking someone out with a fake guitar?

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