*Spoiler* Big Update On Sting’s Future With TNA

Posted by Brad Davis January 17, 2014 30 Comments


Sting was written out of TNA storylines at Thursday night’s TNA Genesis Week 2 tapings, airing next Thursday, January 24th on Spike TV.

*Spoilers* TNA Genesis Tapings Results For 1/24

Sting faced Magnus in a high-stakes match for the TNA World Championship. The stipulation was Sting got one more title shot if he put his TNA career on the line.

With a lot of interference, Magnus got the win and retained his title. After the match, Magnus tore up Sting’s TNA contract, effectively writing him off television.

As reported earlier this week, Sting has actually been working for TNA without a contract – and has been in talks with WWE regarding a match at WrestleMania XXX.

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    • MegaCompactDisk .

      Heavyweight champion, Tag team champion, TNA Hall of Fame, Two TNA Matches of the Year, etc. etc. etc. Sting has done everything for TNA. Time for him to move on.

    • Undertaker316

      how do you know if its road to wrestlemania? When sting possibly signing with wwe rumors start appearing.

      • BamBamLok

        learn how too wipe your ass right dawg.

    • Inshan Gabriel Diljohn

      Tna fucking sucks ever since hogan left sting did everything for that company now is time to leave that sinking ship and move on to bigger and better things

      • BamBamLok

        Shitty Fvck (x

      • Harry Lorenzo Goode

        Yeah but its about 12 years too late, Sting is pretty old in his 50’s. That match with the Undertaker should’ve happened 12 years ago also. If does go to the Wwe i see him doing much

    • tna wwe

      Sting is great but staying in tna is just hurting him and hurting them

    • Jimmy Struthers

      ::crosses fingers this finally means that Sting will come to WWE and wrestle taker at Wrestlemania 30::

    • Gerard

      Sting Vs the Undertaker?

    • bleek

      Sting should wrestle at mania in cali nxt year since hes around that area. But his choose :-

    • T 980

      Sting vs. Undertaker. Please :)

    • hmw

      sting should return to wwe. TNA IS BULLSHIT

      • Gambit

        Sting was never in WWE

        • hmw

          but in wcw. wcw and wwe is one now =D

    • TheMachineX2

      Not on did Sting need to move on but TNA needed to move on and cut the strings with Sting ,it 2014 not 2004. TNA is putting a fresh young product out there and its great. I love you Dixie keep doing what your doing!

    • christopher jones jr

      tna sucks and will always suck it not the same anymore why u think everyone is leaving tna because tna has stupid storie lines

    • ahole

      same rumour every year

    • Art Log

      sting cant even draw anymore who cares

    • Shiffler

      what happened to TOTAL NONSTOP ACTION??? What the hell is “IMPACT”???

    • Spencer Elliott

      You always go out on your back. Sting would know that, so I think he must be returning to TNA. You have to put over the younger talent, especially if you want a legitimate heavy weight champion.
      If he really has left, then it was a shitty way for him to leave, he should of lost clean.

    • Patrick Steele

      This is most likely Sting’s last chance at doing a big Mania match against Taker. I hope he takes it.

    • Orion

      Sting vs taker would be a terrible match.

    • Best4 Business

      Sting will do this for a HUGE payoff! WWE will do it cause it will sell PPVs and then Vince can FINALLY say: “EVERY major star in wrestling history worked for me”

      The Streak WILL NOT end… Neither Vince nor Taker will have someone who was on top of the biggest and only threat to WWE come in for one match and get one over the most enduring, most beloved and most loyal WWE wrestler in history.

    • Glen

      Please join WWE. No shame ending your career in the biggest company of them all. Fitting actually.

    • MR.X



      • Mark Kayfabian


      • debra


    • Mark Kayfabian

      Sting needs to induct Ultimate Warrior to get the ball rolling get that 300k WM payday and work as an agent for WWE. No Brainer

    • MegaCompactDisk .

      Taker? Ha! We all know HHH is going to book himself against Sting for Wrestlemania.

    • BamBamLok

      v shitty boy

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