*Spoiler* Hulk Hogan’s WWE Return Date Revealed

Posted by Brad Davis February 10, 2014 16 Comments

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan will be returning to WWE television in two weeks on the February 24th edition of Monday Night RAW from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

This will be the night after the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view and the night that the WWE Network launches.

Hogan reached a deal with WWE to return shortly after he left TNA a few months ago. Initially, there was talk of Hogan appearing at the WWE Network announcement from CES in Las Vegas last month, but the decision was made to hold off on Hogan’s return until the WWE Network launch day. We’re told that longtime Hogan ally Jimmy Hart will also be in attendance at the show to promote ‘Legends House.’

As reported over the weekend, the 2/24 episode of RAW will also feature the long awaited return of The Undertaker.

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    • Daquan Bailey

      That night is going to be off the chain !! Only if cm punk could return that night too !!!

      • Joseph Parks

        cm sucks

    • Undertaker316

      undertaker and hulk hogan returning on the same night its going to be a must watch raw

    • dextee

      I would expect a good boost that night

    • Bubba Clem

      So tired of I can’t do any moves at all or I’ll break Hogan.

      • Bulkster

        I’m sure you can watch American Idol or something instead of a kick ass Raw in 2 weeks.

    • svtcobra

      taker v hogan WM 30

      • Stephen Findall

        Don’t be stupid

    • Bulkster

      This has already been revealed but nevertheless, I’m so freaking pumped! Welcome home Hulk!!! With the WWE Network coming, and Hulkamania running wild, I won’t sleep for months.

    • TheMachineX2

      what a joke. I’m just so glad he is out of TNA

    • Stephen Findall

      Please for the love of all thing holy let him only show up for the run up to Wrestlemaina and be gone the next night. Can’t stand this Overrated egomaniac and Yes I understand that wrestling wouldn’t be what it is today without him but to him it’s still the 1980s

    • ariel

      i cant wait for this … brother
      this raw will have big numbers

    • ariel

      yaya I cant wait
      this raw will draw huge numbers
      Hogan , taker and wwe network
      I bet the biggest numbers of all 2014 unless cm punk comes back later on and does something massive or Daniel bryan wins the belt

    • Terry Bolea

      Hey Hulkster’s Im glad to be back home in the WWE its been a while
      The only reason I went to TNA is because WWE sent me their to infiltrate TNA and work as a plant. While as in TNA I was collecting a fat pay check and influencing TNA to make decisions so they can tank in the long term. By making TNA get rid of their “original” stars TNA is left with no talent and no money. All the time I was in TNA I stayed in contact with the top people in the WWE to take their operation down. Now as I come go back up north I will bring the WWE the stuff that TNA was doing behind the scenes so the WWE can continue with their game plan to being the ONLY TOP wrestling company in the USA. Don’t forget Hulkamania is running wild…

      PS TNA screwed TNA

    • Troy Bennett

      no offense to terry or jimmy or mark but they need to be putting focus on the main stay guys sheild wyatts kingston bryan orton ect.i love terry and mark but everyone knows terry is going to do a rock and just be here for mania then be gone till SS then come back around december to start a story for rumble that will lead into mania 31.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny got the DVR set already…………………so he can fast forward any of the Chumpster’s segments.

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