Spoiler: Major Star “Quits” TNA At Impact Tapings

TNA shot an angle during the live edition of Impact Wrestling on Thursday night that saw the now heel president of the company, Dixie Carter, give Hulk Hogan an ultimatum. Carter informed Hogan that he had one week to decide if he was with her or not. Obviously the one week is up in real-time, as next week’s Impact Wrestling was taped immediately after the live show in Little Rock, Arkansas on Thursday night.

During the main event segment of the show taped for next week’s Spike TV broadcast, Hogan “quit” the promotion, with Carter on her knees begging him to stay. According to reports, Thursday’s set of TNA tapings was the final contractually obligated televised appearance of Hogan, whose contract expires in October. While Hogan and TNA are reportedly still negotiating a new deal, apparently the angle was shot as a possible send-off for the legendary star.

As has been reported many times recently, TNA is in the middle of a major financial evaluation of all sides of the company, which has resulted in the departure of talents recently such as Ken Anderson and Mickie James, as well as the stalling of contract negotiations of AJ Styles. Also reported recently is the fact that Jeff Jarrett has been working in the TNA offices more lately. Jarrett was also backstage at the TNA television tapings on Thursday night. Whether or not this is TNA preparing for life after Hogan remains to be seen, however, the angle shot for next week’s television is certainly interesting considering everything that is going on right now.

We should have more information on the next few days.

[Credit: PWInsider.com]