Spoiler: Major Star “Quits” TNA At Impact Tapings

Posted by Matt Boone September 27, 2013 21 Comments

TNA shot an angle during the live edition of Impact Wrestling on Thursday night that saw the now heel president of the company, Dixie Carter, give Hulk Hogan an ultimatum. Carter informed Hogan that he had one week to decide if he was with her or not. Obviously the one week is up in real-time, as next week’s Impact Wrestling was taped immediately after the live show in Little Rock, Arkansas on Thursday night.

During the main event segment of the show taped for next week’s Spike TV broadcast, Hogan “quit” the promotion, with Carter on her knees begging him to stay. According to reports, Thursday’s set of TNA tapings was the final contractually obligated televised appearance of Hogan, whose contract expires in October. While Hogan and TNA are reportedly still negotiating a new deal, apparently the angle was shot as a possible send-off for the legendary star.

As has been reported many times recently, TNA is in the middle of a major financial evaluation of all sides of the company, which has resulted in the departure of talents recently such as Ken Anderson and Mickie James, as well as the stalling of contract negotiations of AJ Styles. Also reported recently is the fact that Jeff Jarrett has been working in the TNA offices more lately. Jarrett was also backstage at the TNA television tapings on Thursday night. Whether or not this is TNA preparing for life after Hogan remains to be seen, however, the angle shot for next week’s television is certainly interesting considering everything that is going on right now.

We should have more information on the next few days.

[Credit: PWInsider.com]

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    • hmw

      RIP TNA

    • Ice

      Hogan is not a Major TNA Star

    • TheMachineX2

      Actually TNA is doing what WCW should have done , they’re curtailing wasteful spending. HH isn’t worth a big salary bcuz he doesn’t even wrestle , he just gets on the mic and talks for 5 minutes of tv time and he”s old ( we heard it all before ) and frankly boring. . Now I would cut Eric Young, get rid of the Joseph Park character and bring back Abyss, get rid of Hernandez, Chavo, Magnus ( no direction with any of these guys) and bring in fresh faces.

      • Bye TNA

        I don’t think u know much about wrestling. Hogan brings in short term money off name recognition and merchandise. It’s never been about his 3 moves of wrestling, if it was he wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes. Regardless I do agree he’s played out. Your idea for fresh faces is also rather stupid tho. It’s to late in this stage in the game. WcW new blood, millionaires club? These were the same hack attempts and they failed. Reboot is not the answer to everything always. They should have started that long ago, and I’m
        Not talking that gut check crap. Bottom line TNA hit that ceiling and couldn’t go past it to that next level, only one direction left now, scratch, claw, make this horrible rehash of Vince/punk wit Dixie/AJ, doesn’t matter, its a long fall. Oh, and people have to actually care that someone is walking away with your title Dixie, that’s the only way the storyline works. And it’s not working.

        • La_Parka

          Bye TNA, I’ve been watching wrestling for 20 years and I’ve been watching TNA since the beginning. Your wrong about TNA and in no way is AJ/Dixie storyline like Vince/Punk storyline. And don’t sit there and think that TNA copied WWE because I could show you several times WWE copied TNA and they also made most of that money in the 90’s copying ECW. But anyways, bottom line is Hulk Hogan has done nothing for TNA. He gave them a 1.5 on the Monday Night Special (whoo-hoo) thats not much. He needs to go. TNA’s biggest mistake was bringing him in. You gave your opinions and I gave mine. And TNA isn’t going anywhere. They’ve been around for 11+ years and there going to be around for 11 more. Sorry to bust your bubble. You can go ahead and watch WWE’s crap storylines and rehashed gimmicks now. Thanks for your time.

          • Shawn Moon

            TNA Is dead they can’t get on PPV No PPV no income no future. ROH has better story lines and wrestlers Joe needs to talk to Austin and get on WWE

        • TheMachineX2

          I don’t know much about wrestling? I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was in diapers. Hogan’s selling merchandise? Aces and Eights shirts were sold out completely 3x in TNA, Hogan shirts never even came close to selling out 1x. Going back to WCW New Blood oh c’mon Billy Kidman was not fresh he was cruiser weight champ a couple times as well as in Raven” s flock had been on tv for couple years . Millionaire’s club? a la Kevin Nash a fresh face ? so my friend I don’t think you know much about wrestling. The biggest similarity of WCW and TNA is that if your not one of Hogan’s boyz your not going to get a chance. When you say that TNA hit a ceiling and could nt go further is bcuz TNA put a lot into signing Hogan but didn’t think that this guy cant wrestle at all due to health reasons, for all that they should have signed Edge if they wanted to pay someone who wont wrestle. Hogan needs to go as well as Sting only then will things start getting better in TNA.

      • abinniss

        BRING BACK SHARKBOY!!!!!!!

    • Bulkster

      Sweet Jesus yes!!! Come back home to WWE Hulk! TNA blows!

      • La_Parka

        Your an idiot! WWE Sheep need to die.

        • Bulkster

          Don’t be mad bro. Its not my fault TNA is beyond terrible. But if you need to vent, I understand. Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild one more time over you!?!?!?

        • Derp.

          You can’t call someone an idiot if you don’t even know how to use proper grammar. YOU’RE an idiot.

      • TheMachineX2

        I don’t think Vince would take him bcuz he knows Hogan cant get in the ring and wrestle.

    • ;0

      What the hell is going on with tna? Are we reliving wcw?

    • Bray Wyatt

      I would have preferred to see him be power bombed though a table several times but if this is how hogan leaves TNA for good I’ll take it.

    • Shawn Moon

      TNA is bankrupt NO PPV NO INCOME

    • Ivan Buchler

      Is this Hulk going back to the WWE, maybe?

    • hmw


    • Jennifer L Diamond

      Thats cool I’ve been to several congrats on going to your very first. Be sure to catch a live Raw taping if you ever can. That way you can catch John Cena live even if you love him or hate him (I love him) its great to see how people react to Cena.

    • Bevo

      Obviously wasn’t worth watching or going to because it totally sucked, and…I’m glad I didn’t go to the show!

    • John Cena

      YES!!! Mi Amor!!! I love how you react to me

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