Spoiler: TNA Planning Hulk Hogan’s Next Match

Well ya’ know something brother, it looks like Hulk Hogan hasn’t hung up his boots for good just yet. Following Hogan’s in-ring return at Bound for Glory and it’s aftermath, TNA’s creative department is now planning a match pitting The Hulkster and Garett Bischoff against Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff.

One TNA source believes the match will take place at Lockdown in April, but it is not definite. Nonetheless, this is the direction TNA intends to go for Hogan’s next grappling contest.

Sting defeated Hogan at Bound for Glory when the referee, who had earlier in the show been revealed as Bischoff’s real-life son Garett, reluctantly called the ring bell for a submission. This led to Eric hitting his son with a steel chair following the match, starting a rivalry between the father and son.