*Spoiler* TNA’s Mystery Investor Revealed (Photo)

Posted by Brad Davis January 30, 2014 12 Comments


Former WWE Superstar MVP was revealed as TNA’s new mystery investor at today’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Glasgow, Scottland. The show airs tonight on Spike TV.

He was not announced by name, but he held up his “MVP” necklace, which could be an indication he’ll be using that name in TNA. He tweeted this afternoon:

As for his contractual status with TNA, MVP says he is working on a “handshake” agreement and has not signed with the company:

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    • steve2013

      Just finished on challenge in here in uk he is 100% going by the name MVP Mike Tenay announced him as MVP

    • Chris_Is_Awesome

      him vs joe would be great

    • Jimmy Struthers

      So glad it didn’t turn out to be Sting! ::Crosses fingers for either Sting cameo or Sting v. Taker at Mania 30::

    • people

      Good move TNA! your fans will increase by 10 people…

    • SouthSide

      Guess he thinks he can turn around what Angle hasn’t??? #NotGonnaHappen

    • Troy Bennett

      so now tna has another potental main event guy but wont break thru the glass untill angel and sting offically leave

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      Another thing Dixie has blown way out of proportion. Freaking MVP? Was Carlito not avalible? Who are they going to drag out next? Orlando Jordan? Such a joke.

    • Derp

      lol……mystery “investor” what a stupid idea. What other big changes does Dixie have up her sleeve? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha big change…LOL

    • Dan Pedreyra

      TNA tried the investor thing before…anyone? Anyone? they did and it was Foley. Fail. So TNA goes to…………….MVP? Who was mentioned by name…because noone knew who the hell it was at first. What a disaster. Oh…and Dixie…..the acting lessons…..worse than the new investor. Stay off tv.

    • TheMachineX2

      ok,…. another fresh face for TNA. C’mon everyone lets give this guy a chance lets watch and see what he brings to the table lets see what he can do.

    • bluebook

      STUPID. This is why TNA fails. They haven’t sign him to a contract, but they already built a whole storyline around him. My dog has buried less turds than TNA has buried aborted storylines they can’t complete because of dumb shit like this.

    • ???

      the best thing that could of happened was vince walk out and just say tna is mine and its off the air for good

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