Spoiler: Tonight’s Major Surprise On iMPACT Revealed

Posted by Brad Davis February 24, 2011 16 Comments

TNA has been teasing the “most shocking moment of the year” will take place on tonight’s iMPACT, and we’ve found out what it is before the show airs.

A TNA source has informed us that Steve “Sting” Borden is making his long-awaited return. There’s no word yet on if he will be injected into a storyline this week, or if “The Icon” will simply make his presence known.

Borden recently re-signed with the organization. His prior contract expired in December, and he last appeared for TNA Wrestling in October.

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    • sumguy

      oh man!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so shocked. um… what am I shocked about again?

      • this guy

        u need to b shocked that sting is coming back and this is such an orginal angle bc this is the first time a wrestling company in the history of wrestling has hyped up a return and try to make a huge deal out of it and make it seem like they going to give us a gift from the wrestling gods themself and then let us down majorley when we find out wat the suprise is …..o wait no its not

    • Hulk Hogan

      That doesn’t mean it’s the surprise..

      • sumguy

        Tonight’s Major Surprise. that’s the surprise. TNA’s a joke

      • Syxx

        well u were wrong.their big surprise was a copycat video “3-3-11″ basically saying for everyone that thought “2-21-11″ might be sting, they were wrong because TNA are the ones who signed him

    • Random guy


      • sumguy

        couldn’t agree more

    • Darwin

      The shocker was that anyone actually expected Sting to do anything different. He’s become the Brett Favre of wrestling with his “will I/won’t I retire” shtick every single year and I believe it’s tainted his legacy. Because instead of remembering what an awesome wrestler Sting was, all anyone can every focus on is how he continues to “return” to the game again and again and again after a big goodbye.

      • sumguy

        yep thinking along those same lines.

    • Guud Gwd

      I’m not surprised… maybe if it was Macho Man or something… that’s a surprise…The return of the Mega powers… But even that sounds lame… The whole Nasty Boyz thing was wack, So all the old guys are retiring from TNA… Wait what if the surprise is Goldberg… Wait wishful thinking… but that’s more of a surprise than Sting…

    • http://www.youtube.com/slic3gce Hollow Bonez

      No, not a surprise

    • Scott

      Thats the “shocking” surprise?????. My god, what is TNA thinking if they consider the return of some over the hill old wrestler returning a shocking surprise. This is mediocre at best and TNA needs to get it’s ass into gear if they want to step it up and play with the big boys.

    • starkiller22

      Dam was really hoping he would join wwe to close his career… no, i dont care about Taker vs sting, i just wanted to see him in wwe in general. your guys’ imagination can go from there but it’s really all thats left for him. I dont think he would be mis used now, if ever (2001-02). However, only Sting knows whats best for Sting… “and the only thing that’s for sure, is that nothings for sure”

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      How is having someone who works for the company showing up a huge surprise??? Would it be a surprise if Jeff Hardy showed up? How about AJ Styles?? Jesus TNA…grow up.

    • http://www.twitter.com/jphlamz twitter.com/jphlamz

      so now will everyone shut up about him going to WWE?

    • Sting

      See, I told you guys. You people have to believe me sometimes, I would never lie to you.

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