*Spoiler* The Undertaker’s WWE Return Date Revealed

Posted by Brad Davis February 8, 2014 12 Comments

The Undertaker is scheduled to return to WWE on the February 24th episode of Monday Night RAW from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The show takes place the night after Elimination Chamber and the day of the WWE Networklaunch. According to PWInsider.com, the deal to get Undertaker to appear on the 2/24 RAW was made in the past 48 hours.

The appearance will be used to kick off The Undertaker’s WrestleMania XXX feud.

The Undertaker’s has not appeared on television since last April, when The Shield powerbombed him through a table after his match against Dean Ambrose on SmackDown.

VIDEO: The Shield Puts The Undertaker Through A Table With A Triple Powerbomb

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    • Rockman Rex

      Weird how he never finished his feud with The Shield and got back any retribution. Lesnar is to come back that same night, maybe in which the Undertaker-Lesnar feud will begin.

    • Bryan Bodek

      Lesnar don’t deserve the undertaker … if it was my call I’d give that WM match to Roman Reigns

    • Undertaker316

      i think undertaker should to wrestle dean ambrose, but wwe will obviously have him wrestle brock lesnar

      • D

        You don’t waste a Taker Mania match on some random nobody.

    • pzhero

      I think undertaker should fight reigns it would be an amazing match I see reigns as the next cm punk

    • sweetjumpkicks

      I think Undertaker should fight a treadmill and get back to ring shape. Fat taker vs sporadic Lesnar is something I don’t want to see. Same goes for Sting (when and if that happens).I say Taker and Sting should take a year, get some personal trainers, join DDP Yoga, and give the fans an actual show. As much as I enjoyed Taker vs Triple H hitting each other with chairs last year, that’s not a wrestling match. If WWE is going to do something this late in the game with those guys, they need to do it right — especially with the payday they’ll undoubtedly receive.

      I’d be for Taker taking the year off.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says RAW needs viewership in the worst way & the Deadman = ratings.

      • Shaquille Burton

        The loser?

    • ry5060


    • Riseofthedeadman

      have him fight either Christian or Delrio in a I quit match. Good bye Delrio

      • D

        Christian? Taker’s a legend, not some low card comedy act.

    • ricky

      I can.see taker going up against Kane again, maybe leading to Kane getting his mask back on

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