*Spoiler* Update On Batista Turning Heel

Batista Reacting To Fans Booing Him On RAW

On Monday’s RAW, Batista cut a promo finally acknowledging that fans are completely rejecting him. At Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings, Batista cut a heel promo and then went on to squash one of WWE’s beloved underutilized talents.

Batista cut a promo at the beginning of the SmackDown tapings, voting to “Destroy each of our heroes” on his way to WrestleMania. This led to Dolph Ziggler coming out, who called Batista a dinosaur and gave him a dropkick, setting up a match between the two later in the night.

During their match, Ziggler got a loud babyface reaction during their match and got a lout “Let’s Go Ziggler chant” against the Royal Rumble winner. Batista taunted the crowd during the match and eventually won by giving Ziggler the Batista Bomb.

With Batista turning heel, it remains to be seen how WWE is going to handle the heel vs. heel WrestleMania main event. One theory is that WWE will turn Randy Orton babyface by having the Authority disregard Orton in favor of Batista, turning Orton babyface. However this pans it, WWE appears to be firmly behind Batista as the new “Face of WWE” – whether the fans like it or not.

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