*Spoiler* Update On Batista Turning Heel

Posted by Brad Davis February 26, 2014 36 Comments

Batista Reacting To Fans Booing Him On RAW

On Monday’s RAW, Batista cut a promo finally acknowledging that fans are completely rejecting him. At Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings, Batista cut a heel promo and then went on to squash one of WWE’s beloved underutilized talents.

Batista cut a promo at the beginning of the SmackDown tapings, voting to “Destroy each of our heroes” on his way to WrestleMania. This led to Dolph Ziggler coming out, who called Batista a dinosaur and gave him a dropkick, setting up a match between the two later in the night.

During their match, Ziggler got a loud babyface reaction during their match and got a lout “Let’s Go Ziggler chant” against the Royal Rumble winner. Batista taunted the crowd during the match and eventually won by giving Ziggler the Batista Bomb.

With Batista turning heel, it remains to be seen how WWE is going to handle the heel vs. heel WrestleMania main event. One theory is that WWE will turn Randy Orton babyface by having the Authority disregard Orton in favor of Batista, turning Orton babyface. However this pans it, WWE appears to be firmly behind Batista as the new “Face of WWE” – whether the fans like it or not.

*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Taping Results For February 28, 2014

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    • Spell Check

      Who typed this story? A five year old?

    • RosheWearinAzz


    • Rog

      What a stupid idea!! Now that the damage is done why not let both be heel guys fighting for the title?! Do something different for fans sake!!!! This isn’t the match we wanted already but at least make interesting!!!

    • dangus

      hes been heel the whole time

    • Th_mssngr

      Or do the obvious thing that could salvage this whole mess… and put D-Bryan in the match.

      • Nameless

        Or do the smart thing which is:
        Have HHH come out on raw and say that if he Bryan wants him [HHH] so bad then he gets it on WM with the stipulation that if he wins [Bryan] then gets to be in the championship match later on the night and the match turns into a 3 way match. On the other hand if Bryan loses to HHH then he never challenge the WWE championship every again.

        HHH then does THE RIGHT thing and loses to Bryan but not before putting the works on him during and after the match.

        That way he sets up Bryan to come in the the underdog against two heels who have a looooong history between them. Plus he sets it up as his second match of the night.

        • vinzerx

          Looks like you took much of the idea from Grantland’s Masked Man and just added the extra frills to it.

      • D

        Bryan’s already got a decent match. No need to change the line-up, the fans just need to suck that shit up.

        • Th_mssngr

          Daniel Bryan vs Triple H isn’t a decent match; it’s a poor idea that’s being forced on Bryan because the WWE creative can’t understand that no one wants Batista. Even now he’s a heel, no one wants to see him, they’re not booing him because they’re supposed so, they’re just sick of the sight of him.

          It’s almost Machiavellian in how much of a dick move it is; tacitly admitting that the crowd wants more DB by putting him in a main event match, but then tightening the reins by keeping him away from the title match. I’m glad I’m only paying £5 and watching it in a bar.

    • Bulkster

      This is shaping up to be the worst Wrestlemania main event … pretty much ever. Only one that comes close is Triple H vs Jericho at Wrestlemania 18 (X8)

      • D

        That’s why Jericho thankfully hasn’t been near the main event since.

      • Rebel86

        That’s not true and you know it. WMXXX’s main event of Batista vs. Randy Orton is going to be fantastic and cool!

        • 81pixie

          not likely.
          i don’t like the ppvs at all. i hate this idiocy loosely referred to as being entertainment.
          i don’t believe in anything ever being good in my own life again be cause all that ever happens is pathetic garbage like cena gets his way all the time and i and other people get nothing our way no matter what we want or how much we try.
          or ton should have defeated his opponents back around 08-09 but he wasn’t allowed to fight back against them which sucked and he wasn’t allowed to be a champion after that….which is why the E is now failing and is doing horribly. they have a bunch of nit wits that nobody wants to watch on ppv or live tv or house shows due to the negative crap happening

    • FightFan

      If they actually turn Orton face then I give up on creative.

      • Snypz

        Orton being a heel sucks because then he isn’t allowed to do anything cool and he has to continue to do lots more things that suck.

      • Tal Nuff

        I don’t trust this nonsense that WWE loosely refers to as being entertain-ing.
        Orton used to be cool and used to be a man till he lost his balls and quit being a champion like he was in ’08-09.
        He’s not even allowed to be a good guy heel like he was back then.
        I feel disappointed and let down by my own hardships in my own life but if I were as lucky and fortunate as Orton, Cena, Triple H,and every other superstar and diva…I’d make the most of the situation and kick ass, do my best and not sit around waiting for good things because there aint any such thing in existence. thats a fact jack

    • Guest11356890037266336

      He looks like a giant Chinese baby.

    • yoyo

      Orton: Heel
      Batista: Heel
      Whoever wins the title, we lose.

      • Luminosity

        Randy Orton: Face
        Batista: Heel

        Randy Orton goes back to being a clean shaven badass baby face like he used to be in 2008-2009, kicks ass on and defeats opponents in matches, in promos, interviews, and on pay-per-view like he was doing!
        Randy Orton wins the match vs. Batista…then we win, if Batista wins, we lose!

        • Ghurka Hopeless Youth

          That idea sucks!
          Orton and Batista both suck worse than lousy and neither of em can cut promos worth a fucking damn anyway

        • Jpro Walkom

          Randy wants to be a heel though. And he’s much better off as a Heel. He was such a bland face. He might work as a tweener. I think they’re doing this on purpose. They’re going to try and talk CM Punk into coming back and offer him a title match.


          DB does double duty. He faces Triple H at WM and then because he beat Triple H he gets to go into the Title Match.
          This seems like the possible scenario and the more likely one.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny though there couldn’t be a worse main event for WM than Cena/Rock 1&2, but lo & behold Orton/BooTista might bottom that out.

    • Anthony j

      Batista, the only man I know who rocks a nose stud that women wear on their nose. Dude is a fucking loser.

      • Anthony j

        Also, just make Orton a tweeter. I think he is better at being a tweener now a days vice this whiny heel. If they used his old heel persona, where he was psychologically fucked up in the head and punted peoples head off, that would make him great right now.

        • OiRuin

          Orton being a tweener sucks and is pathetic. he’s worse as a heel or tweener. if they used his good guy heel persona from a few years back when he had a clean shaven look where he behaved like a badass and kicked bad guys in their skulls and was aggressive toward opponents when he needed to be.. then he would be fuckin cool and great but he won’t. let alone, him actually having a skin’ead girl with a longish crew cut who’s physically aggressive when provoked and who’s a loner and doesn’t really feel happy or good about a lot of things because of real life problems in her own life and the lack of good things happening that she’d want to happen in her own life.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says BooTista’s head looks like a bowling ball. Has he gotten into Barry Bond’s leftover stash of steroids?

    • Bork Laser

      We want Bork Laser!

    • Stuart Moulding

      THe wrestlemania 30 main event really is turning into a piece of crap. I’d rather see Funaki versus Scotty 2 Hotty in a Punjabi Prison

      • Stuart Moulding

        F**k it I’d rather watch repeats of the Al Snow/Bossman Kennel from hell match!

    • Rooter

      Man, you people and your whining. Do u really think wwe cares what you spout off about? They get paid regardless of the main event.

      • Bulkster

        You whine about people whining. Do you think the whiners care what you spout off about?

    • Pin me pay me

      No one wants to see randy snooooooreton vs booooootista. I’m sick of the E bringing back old talent and giving them the title just because they have a movie coming out (guardians of the galaxy) rock last year with fast 6. No wonder punk left.

    • Tyga Tejan


    • Jpro Walkom

      i find this kind of funny actually. When Batista left he actually left as a heel. He had the feud with John Cena and acted he was pissed that John Cena was the face of the WWE and not him, now he comes back and from day one he gets nothing but boos’.

      Left as a heel, came back as a heel. Well actually he came back a week before the rumble and he was a face there, so he was like a face for a week, then when the public found out DB wasn’t in the rumble and Batista was the obvious pick they booed it out.

    • The Real Dill…and kosher too

      LOL at Batista thinking he was actually part of the Attitude Era.

      PS: Orton as a face or heel, it doesn’t matter. He was never cool. Him being in the title picture along with Cena all these years is part of the reason WWE has sucked for nearly a decade.

    • Derp

      It must suck realizing that nobody genuinely likes you.

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