*Spoiler* Update On Jeff Hardy’s Future With TNA

Posted by Michael Bluth December 7, 2013 18 Comments

TNA taped an angle on Wednesday night for the December 26th episode of Impact Wrestling where Jeff Hardy was written out of the storylines.

Hardy told the live crowd that he has wrestled his final match for TNA and then thanked the fans for their years of support.

Complete Spoiler Results For The December 26th Episode of Impact

It’s rumored that Hardy is temporarily being written off television in part because he won’t be attending the upcoming TNA Maximum Impact tour of the UK in late January.

Hardy’s actual TNA contract status is unclear. The former TNA World Champion signed a new deal with the company last January, which was believed to be for two years. It’s possible the second year was optional, which could make him a free agent next month.

  • FightFan

    The only question is would WWE even touch him after they dodged a bullet with his release?

    • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

      I think the bigger question is whether Hardy could handle that schedule again

      • trollingisahobby

        Not really, the only question is can he handle the crack addiction again

        • Trollo Del Rio

          Nope the question is why we’re all “questioning”!

  • Jesse Sikora

    He needs to go back home (WWE) where he belongs

    • The Troll Hunter

      If he belonged there, they wouldn’t have used him for a storyline & kicked him out of the company when he could’ve used some help.

      • duh

        they didnt kick him out. he left for a sabbatical with the intent to return in 6mos or so but was arrested like 2 weeks after leaving

  • charley ramirez

    Jeff should come back on a schedule that RVD, Brock Lesnar and The Rock have. A few weeks on and a few weeks on. everybody wins not to mention a higher pay rate.

    • trollingisahobby

      rvd sucks

    • Bam Bam

      HHH said he is not gonna give just anybody that want that type of schedule. He gave it to RVD cause he is RVD and there are not many like him so Jeff might not get it. Plus WWE is said they are suppose to be focus on “Bigger” ppl and not the smaller ones. He would probably be used as a mid carder if that in the WWE.

      • 123 KID

        If RVD can get it, Jeff can too. Brock and Rock are in completely different categories regarding pay. Jeff would be good back in WWE in a Christian type role. Upper mid card and he sells lots of merch.

      • charley ramirez

        Thats true and i dont think Jeff left in good terms after the whole drug use violation. Even then they might just stick him in the midcard like you said just like RVD.

  • hmw

    hardy should go back to wwe. tna wasting him like rvd

    • The Troll Hunter

      yeah, because wwe did so much with him.

  • Kris Godwin

    TNA needs Jeff Hardy, simple as that. He’s one of the very few wrestlers who is a proven draw for the company, and his merchandise sells big-time.

    With that said, I can see WWE offering him a contract much like RVD’s. Prior to his departure, Hardy was offered an insanely good deal, because WWE saw him as a huge star. I very much doubt he would work a full-time schedule if he ever did come back, but I can just picture Vince rubbing his hands together gleefully as thousands of women and children within the crowd dress like Jeff as they cheer madly.

  • TheMachineX2

    Hardy always comes and goes from TNA and WWE for that matter. He’ll go back to WWE for a couple years then come back to TNA. This is rather typical.

  • What

    Wwe is better without him he’s not even good.

  • darksavior

    jeff stop fn with tna and 500 people croweds tna cant give him the fan base he can have in the wwe or even over seas

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