Spoilers: Impact Wrestling Results For August 18, 2011

Credit: Jack Burton and PWInsider

Below are the taping results for Impact Wrestling to air on August 18, 2011:

In a Dark Match: Jesus Barbosa defeated Jayson Cyprus with a 450 Splash.

Impact began with Sting coming to the ring with a chair in hand. Sting then fell down the ramp and flop around in the ring jokingly. He takes a mic and says that this is proof that he has lost his mind. He was reenacting what happened to him last week. Everything was a blur to him. He said it was awesome to see the fire in Hogan’s eyes. Sting says he and the fans are dying to see Hogan back in the ring. Sting says he want to wrestle Hogan tonight and he encourages the fans to chant Hogan’s name.

Ric Flair’s music hits and he comes to the ring and gets a mic. Flair questions Sting calling Hogan the greatest of all time. Flair says when Sting got the title ‘Icon’ it says that he is a special thing in this business. Flair says Sting is one of the biggest stars in the history of the business. Flair says he know who Sting is and says Sting is a real icon. Flair says he has been asked when he is going to wrestle Sting again. Flair has that itch again to be the greatest in the business.

Flair says that since Dixie can’t pay him enough he does not wrestle enough but he wants to wrestle Sting one more time. Flair cuts off Sting before he can speak and puts over Sting for the person that he is. Flair says if he beats Sting, Sting will have to retire and never wrestle again. If Sting beats him, he will serve Sting Hogan’s ass on a silver platter. Flair reiterates that if Sting loses, Sting is gone for good and has to go back to California.

Sting takes off his trenchcoat and asks the people what they think. They cheer and Sting accepts.

In a Bound For Glory Series Match: Scott Steiner defeats Devon with his feet on the ropes. After the match, Samoa Joe attacks Devon and puts him in a leg vice. Devon’s kids jump the rail and get face to face with Joe. Pope comes down and gets in-between the kids and Joe until Joe exits the ring. Matt Morgan was on commentary for the match.

On the video screen they show Ric Flair going to Hulk Hogan’s office and Hogan is mad at Flair. Flair gives Hogan a hug to try to calm him down. Hogan says that he crucified Sting in the middle of the ring last week and he should be dead. Flair says he’s got Sting’s number. Hogan says he is done with Sting. Flair tells Hogan that he will kick Sting’s ass. Hogan says he needs to make sure that Sting is not breathing by the end of the night. Hogan says he will never wrestle Sting again as Flair blows a kiss to him and leaves.

Eight Man X Division Gauntlet for an X Division Title Match.

The Order of Entry was:
Robbie E (with Cookie); Jesse Sorensen; Zema Ion; Mark Haskins; Kid Kash; Anthony Nese; Alex Shelley; and Austin Aries.

The Order of Elimination was:
Robbie E; Mark Haskins; Alex Shelley; Anthony Nese; Zema Ion; and Kid Kash.

Austin Aries and Jesse Sorensen then wrestled for the X Division Title Match. Kid Kash (who was eliminated by Sorensen) came in and hit Jesse with a Moneymaker. Aries tried to get an easy pin but Jesse tried to fight back. Aries got the win with brainbuster.

After the match, Christy Hemme interviewed Aries and he said he was going to take the X Division title from Kendrick. Kendrick came out and the two brawled and had to be separated by security.

Mickie James defeated ODB (with Jackie Moore) with a DDT. During the match, Jackie had opportunities to attack Mickie on the floor, but she refused to do it. After the match, Jackie hesitantly shook Mickie’s hand.

In a Bound For Glory Series Match: AJ Styles defeats Rob Van Dam by disqualification. Jerry Lynn showed up midway into the match. AJ had Van Dam beat with the Pele and when he went for the pin, Jerry pulled the referee out of the ring and the referee disqualified Van Dam. Styles yelled at Lynn on his way to the back and Van Dam got face to face with Jerry and exchanged words.

Crimson comes out and is limping because of what Angle did to his knee last week on Impact. Crimson says that it has been a long week. He said he used to have a great deal of respect for someone in the back, but there seems to be some issues they have to discuss. Crimson calls out Kurt Angle.

Angle comes out to the ring and grabs a mic. Crimson says that last week Angle was going to eliminate every young athlete wrestler on the roster and Angle chose him first. He says Kurt failed because he is still standing here and he is pissed. Kurt says that Crimson is a nobody going nowhere. Kurt says he was brought in to make guys like Crimson. Without Kurt Angle, Crimson is nothing but a green-ass little b—h. Angle says he has been making people his entire career and it’s gotten him nothing but disrespect.

Crimson says no one has disrespected him. The young guys have put Kurt on a pedestal and he says it’s an honor to face him. Kurt says that Crimson can’t shine his gold medal and Angle says Crimson is going nowhere in this business. Crimson says he is already somebody. He says that next week, Kurt should meet him in this ring and he will show Kurt who he is and why Crimson is here and the now. He says he is real, he is damn real and leaves.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett join Mike Tenay and Taz to do commentary for the main event.

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: Mexican America (Hernandez and Anarquia [with Sarita and Rosita]) defeated Beer Money (James Storm and Bobby Roode) to become the new TNA World Tag Team Champions. Rosita got involved after Beer Money appeared to have the match won and Beer Money looked to lay her out. Karen Jarrett ran down from the announce table and distracted them from attacking Rosita. Jeff Jarrett ran down to save Karen and he handed the AAA Title to Hernandez who used it to hit Roode while the ref was distracted by Rosita. Hernandez pinned Roode to win the match.

After the match, the Mexican flag dropped and Karen and Jeff celebrated with Mexican America as Impact ended.