Spoilers: Impact Wrestling Results For October 6, 2011

The following results are from Chad Swartz of prowrestling.net:

Beer Money came to the ring to open the show. Storm said it’s a good thing Hogan is retiring. Storm set up the main event vs. Roode tonight. Roode said he expected to have a good match tonight. He said Fortune is family, and was upset at Angle making this stipulation. Roode said beating AJ and Kazarian helped him to get ready for Angle. Roode asked Storm to help him get ready. Roode said Beer Money was the best tag team in history, and he needed Storm’s best. Storm said he would give him a great match and said Roode will be the next champ. Storm said he is going to “bring it” and he might be better than Roode. The crowd popped big for them.

1. Kazarian defeated Gunner. Gunner won a back and forth match with a cross arm breaker and refused to break the hold. The ref reversed the decision and gave the win to Kaz. Kaz needed medical attention after the match.

Mr. Anderson came to the ring. Said he wanted to apologize to the people that mean the most to him, his assholes. He talked about how others kiss ass and get ahead, but he’s never been good at it. Talked about Immortal a little and called Bully Ray a douchebag. Rays music hit. Ray said hurry up because he wanted to go to Neyland Stadium and piss on the big “T”. Anderson said Ray always gets the upper hand but they’re going to have one more match. Ray said Anderson is getting nothing. Anderson proposed a Bound for Glory falls count anywhere match. The crowd popped huge, and Ray left the ring

2. Winter and Madison Rayne (w/Angelina Love) defeated Mickie James and Velvet Sky. Madison pinned Velvet with a rollup after Love distracted Velvet and Madison got a handful in tights. A very short match.

Eric Bischoff made his way to the ring. He made fun of the fans and called out Jeff Hardy. Jeff came to the ring in street clothes. Eric talked about working with the greats. He talked about taking advantage of his opportunity and said Hardy dropped the ball. Eric said Hardy officially was done and he let everyone down. Jeff took the mic and said he wanted to say goodbye. He gave Eric the twist of fate and yelled “Screw you” before running through the crowd when Immortal hit the ring. Jarrett carried Eric backstage

3. Crimson defeated Samoa Joe. Crimson basically spent the entire match getting worked over by Joe, but won with a cheap small package

4. Bobby Roode defeated James Storm. Great back and forth match. Many near falls and high spots including a superplex by Storm that the crowd popped huge for. Both men were tied up in the corner when the ref took a bump and Storm rolled out of the ring. Kurt Angle ran down and attacked Storm at ringside while Roode and the ref were laid out. Angle rolled Storm in the ring and Roode hit a nice fisherman’s suplex for the win. After the match the two hugged and left together.

Hogan came out to a huge pop. He said when he woke up this morning it would be the last day of his career. He said he is not going to know what to do anymore. Hulk thanked the fans for everything. He held up the old yellow and red belt and started crying at the “Thank you, Hogan” chant. He said it’s time to put Hulkamania to rest.

Stings music hit and he is wearing a red suit with a Hulkamania t-shirt. Hogan said Sting is not welcome out at the ring. Sting said no one is buying the retirement. Hogan said he is officially done. Sting says he knows Hogan better than anyone. Sting said he has some footage to prove it. The video footage showed Hogan talking to Bischoff backstage making fun of the Tennessee fans and saying it was a ploy to sell merchandise. Hogan got crazy heat and went crazy on Sting. He said if Sting wants to fight him, he will and Sting accepted. Sting left the ring to end the first episode.