Spoilers: Major News On TNA Changing Their Company Name

Warning: This article contains spoilers for next week’s iMPACT on May 12, 2011.

At this week’s TNA iMPACT tapings, Mick Foley revealed that TNA iMPACT will now be called Impact Wrestling from this point forward.

Foley, who was revealed as the person from “the network” keeping Hogan in check, said that the show will now be “all about wrestling.” This is the opposite of WWE’s new business approach, which will feature no mention of the word “wrestling.”

There are conflicting reports as to whether this mean’s TNA’s company name is changing, or just the iMPACT TV show name. When asked about the confusion, hulk Hogan had this to say on Twitter: “No TNA.  only IMPACT.  HH”

TNA recently trademarked the name “Impact Wrestling”, and took over the ImpactWrestling.com domain name, which was previously a wrestling news site. The domain currently shows up with no content, but will presumably forward to TNAWrestling.com after the show airs.